The best transitional perfumes from summer to rainy season

Transitional perfumes are great for several reasons. If the term is new, know you are not alone. Since my last article on scents, I have fallen into a rabbit hole of perfumes and I’m currently trying to curb my mini obsession.

Transitional perfumes blend notes that fit into two seasons to give you the perfect conversion scent. In Nigeria, the seasons can be pretty confusing; some days, it rains heavily, and the next, the weather is so hot that we drag out the crop tops again. In the confusing transition where one season gradually ends and the other starts, we sometimes can’t decide on what perfumes to use. This is where transitional perfumes come in.

Always on the search for new perfumes, I like to nudge my people in the right direction because who doesn’t want a fairy perfume godmother? Right?

Many people get their fragrance recommendations from social media. There has been a significant increase in perfume enthusiasts (#fragheads) sharing their scent of the day on social media recently. One inspired me to purchase my current favourite summer perfume — Lattafa Ameer Al Oudh- Intense. True to her review, it is a “breezy” and pleasantly addictive transitional scent with top notes of saffron, nutmeg, and woody notes at the heart. The base notes of vanilla and leather seal it up veritably and I particularly love it because it transcends seasons.

I got it during summer; the vanilla notes gave me a warm and breezy summer presence. Moving on to colder weather, a delicately deep wave still ensures a pleasantly present feel. Applying it correctly gives it a long-lasting scent that keeps you feeling delicious all day..

The right way to apply perfumes 

  • Moisturise and hydrate your skin to keep fragrance on your skin.
  • Apply the perfume to warm areas — behind the ears, wrists, neck and inner elbow.
  • Avoid spritzing your perfume in the air. While it might be great in movies, it diminishes the impact on your skin.
  • Spritz often if you spend most of the day outdoors. While some perfumes can last for hours, the humid weather can render the impact ineffective after a while.

Picking the right transitional perfumes

It is already tedious to choose the right outfit. Imagine adding the rigorous selection of perfumes to that, too! While owning transitional scents is optional, it’s worth considering, as it simplifies the decision process with a few. Two or three transitional perfumes will get you the desired fragrance and a good result. While transitioning from summer to fall/rainy season, you need warm scents with hints of comfort.

To help you pick the best transitional perfumes, Fragrance Specialist Eudora Nwasike and the Marketing Manager at Essenza, share their top picks with us. . 

Eudora’s top picks 

Nishane Hacivat

An excellent choice for summer and rainy seasons, it is a versatile Chypré fragrance with pineapple and refreshing citruses that instantly puts you in a good mood. Eudora describes the dry down perfectly, “the woody, earthy dryness of patchouli and oakmoss reveals warmth and depth to the composition.”

Notes: Bergamot, pineapple, jasmine, patchouli

Image: Essenza



Thameen Royal Sapphire 

This is a versatile scent that will get you noticed anywhere. It is sophisticated with an airy blend of notes, making it heady, sweet, and perfectly balanced by the koozie and comfortable finish. As a transitional scent, “the dry woods in the base round off the fragrance beautifully to make it a perfect fragrance to remember your summer holiday by,” Eudora says.

Notes: Mandarin orange, bergamot, jasmine, amber

Transitional perfumes- Marie Claire ng



Matiere Premiere French Flower 

A bubblegum sweet and creamy scent, the warm, musky notes make it one of the best transitional perfumes . Eudora describes it as “an intoxicating tuberose fragrance with the beautiful addition of Nigerian ginger that boosts the whiteness of the flower.”

Notes: Tuberose, Chinese tea leaf, green pear

Transitional perfumes- Marie Claire ng
Image: Matiere Premiere



Marc-Antoine Barrois Encelade 

​​It is an addictive green, woody, leathery composition that transports you into a jungle, perfect for the transitional season to rainy weather. Eudora describes this perfume as a “ masterful creation!”

Notes: Rhubarb, cedar, milky sandalwood

Image: Marc-Antoine Barrois



Maison Crivelli Ambre Chromatique 

Released in 2022, this new kid on the block is a unisex, distinctive, spicy scent with sweet, warm, and sensuous notes. Eudora likes the “slight herbal feel in the heart from Davana coupled with the milkiness of osmanthus, which adds a soft essence.”

Notes: Pink peppercorn, incense, osmanthus, vanilla bourbon

Image: Selfridges



Essenza’s top picks


Lancome La Vie Est Belle L’Eau EDP

Lancôme’s “La Vie Est Belle,” translates to “life is beautiful,” and it is more than just a fragrance. It is a succulent, simple, decadent scent carrying a mantra: “Life is what you create, so craft it into something beautiful.”

Notes: Blackcurrant, iris, vanilla, patchouli.

Image: Essenza



Maison Oud Amira

A long-lasting and versatile scent, Joshua says they tailor this fragrance for the “boss lady who is unyielding in her pursuit of what’s rightfully hers.”

Notes: White flowers, apple blossom, peach, patchouli. 

Image: Essenza



Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal

Scandal is one of my all-time favourite perfumes, and its alluring scent transcends seasons. Joseph describes it as “an intoxicating scent for the elegant woman who loves festivities and embraces her innate sensuality.”

Notes: Blood orange, gardenia, honey, peach, patchouli.

Image: Essenza



Parfums De Marly Delina Exclusif EDP

Described as “Love at first smell,” Delina encapsulates a unique, vibrant, effervescent femininity. It is a long-lasting scent that blends its floral and fruity notes in a magical and balanced way.

Notes: Lychee, rose damascena, vanilla, peony, grapefruit.

Transitional perfumes- Marie Claire ng
Image: Essenza



Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

This edgy scent is sexy, spicy, and a little sweet. It feels like wearing a black silk dress to a dimly lit dinner. “This fragrance embodies an enthralling duality, providing an exhilarating surge akin to that first shot of caffeine”- Joshua says.

Notes: Coffee, vanilla, white flowers, orange blossom

Transitional perfumes- Marie Claire ng
Image: Essenza



Which transitional perfumes do you currently own or will you add to your stash?


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