Chrome nails are the best for transitioning seasons- here is how I got mine done

Sad to see summer go, but happy to see some of the trends stay. Being a beauty editor means staying in the loop of global beauty trends. So, when chrome nails started dominating my Pinterest feed as a summer trend, I got intrigued. Summer might be over, but I always look  for trends that transcend seasons. The classic twist of acrylic chrome nails seemed perfect.

Summer nail trends

After the beauty world moved on to more technical acrylic nail designs, some of us found solace in the good old chrome stick-on nails. My experience with acrylic nails could have been better. I have very soft and sensitive skin including my nails which easily break with any extra force or pressure. Although I always express the need for nail technicians to ease up on my nails during the process, I almost always end up with sore cuticles and a generally irksome experience when taking them out.

The versatility of chrome nails across different nail techniques is quite intriguing – whether it’s gel nails, Builder In A Bottle aka BIAB, or poly gel nails. The beauty of chrome lies in its adaptability – it seamlessly blends into any design. Whether you opt for a full-on classic manicure, an elegant micro-French tip, or intricate nail art, chrome effortlessly enhances your style.

But here’s the icing on the cake – chrome nails are perfect for transitioning through changing seasons. They bring a touch of timeless elegance that’s both simple and thrilling. With their extended durability, especially when infused into acrylic nail designs, chrome nails promise to stay stunning for an extended period, catering to those who appreciate a soft yet stylish look. And personally, if it’s a trend that holds up over time, I’m definitely all in.

3D Chrome Nails
Image: Jamine Grier via Instagram

Transitioning from summer in chrome nails

On transitioning from summer trends. I spoke to Modupe, owner of Far From Basic Nails about the most popular nail trends her clients got over the summer that are still relevant. With 4 years of experience as a professional nail technician, Modupe has gone ahead to build a business that caters to the needs of clients who have become regulars with a common goal – getting the perfect nails done, and Modupe always delivers. 

A season for nail lovers, Modupe says there was an influx of clients over the summer more than before, “we saw a lot of people travelling for vacations and wedding guests since there are a lot of weddings this period too”. With the season winding down into calmer climates, the girls are getting designs that take them from the last days of summer into the “ember” months.

More frequently than not, Modupe’s clients entrust their artistic nail visions to her skilled hands and, having experienced her work firsthand, I genuinely comprehend their trust in her. Her application process is meticulous, and I finally left the nail salon without any cuticle casualties – a first for me.

With the allure of other trendy summer nail designs such as pretty florals, stunning ombre, glitter, geometric and French tips, as shared by nail virtuoso Abi of The Nail Boutique in their monthly newsletter, I struggled to decide. Finally, I opted for a chrome design for my next set of nails.

3D Chrome Nails
Image: Nail garden By Nene via Instagram

Chrome Nails Trend

Being committed to the craft means I had to get one of the hottest nail trends done to share the process with you. Chrome nails were perfect for summer and equally fitting for fall. With temperatures decreasing, my mood usually reflects the same, and I endeavour to keep my spirits high with how I dress. A little highlight for this season is my nails. With chrome nails, you get the muted tones that reflect the end of summer and a shiny coat to uplift your mood. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

I visited the Far From Basic Nails studio on the mainland in Lagos, and Modupe was gracious enough to let me record the process (check out the video on our Instagram). 

She shared how she gets her inspiration to create intricate designs that keep her fully booked to accommodate an average of 20 clients a month. Like every artist, Modupe draws inspiration from random things and current trends. “It could be a colour combo I saw somewhere and thought would look nice on a nail set or an interesting fabric pattern I’d like to recreate.” Visualising her design for my nails took little time. 

With a quick look at my natural nails, she effortlessly recommended the ideal shape that would complement them. Her suggestion aligned perfectly with my preferred nail style – the classic almond shape. But that’s not all – she added a touch of her creativity by suggesting a golden chrome twist, which just happened to be one of the hottest trends this season. The synchronicity left me even more at ease and excited.

Let’s talk reality: Crafting those flawless nails of perfection takes about 90 minutes to a solid 3 hours. It’s a dance that depends on the chosen design, the length of your aspirations, and the masterful touch of your nail virtuoso. For Modupe, her magic hands usually clock in at around two hours for a fabulously detailed medium-to-long design. And as for my nails, we wrapped up the artistic extravaganza in a relaxed and satisfying two-hour span.

Of course, I went for my staple medium-length nails because I find it incredibly tedious to function with long nail sets. With the nature of my job, long nails are quite impractical, and I find them inconvenient. I’m always creating content; they can easily get in the way or get injured while changing clothes. Medium-length nails are versatile and will suit any look you put on and to any event. It is easier to maintain a clean and chic look with medium-length nails. 

Image: Wumi ‘Tuase

The process of 3D Chrome nails

Before we started, I explained to Modupe that my nails are soft, so I shy away from acrylic nails. She advised me to keep the nails no longer than three weeks and ensure I take enough time to dissolve them while taking them out. Keeping my nails trimmed also helps prevent breakage. Here’s the scoop on how to keep those fabulous extensions in tip-top shape and your nails feeling oh-so-healthy:

  • Prep the nails and clean the nails to get rid of any present dirt.
  • Push back the cuticles and clean them again. The best base to have is a clean one.
  • Use an electric file to buff the nails & give them a smooth prep surface for the application. 
  • Gently file the nails manually & clean underneath to remove particles and extra dirt. 
  • Glue the nail extensions on the tips & file to the desired shape. You can cut with scissors before filing to hasten this step. 
  • Apply nail primer to help the product adhere appropriately to the nail. This makes it long-lasting.
  • Gently apply the acrylic evenly and smoothly over the nails.
  • Buff out to get it more even, smooth and matte.
  • Apply solid gel to outline the nail design you want to create. This is the foundation of your polish and chrome powder.
  • Set the nails in an LED UV lamp. Ensure you put on gloves to protect your nails from UV rays. 
  • Apply nail polish and chrome powder in complementing colours. Place nails inside the lamp after each stage.
  • Apply a top coat for a glossy finish and dry out in the LED UV lamp.
Caring for your nails- nail trends
Image: Ridofranz via iStock

Caring for your nails

Like  every other part of your body, your nails need great care, especially if you often get extensions. The process of applying and taking off acrylic nails involves the use of chemicals that require proper care. Visiting a professional nail technician for this is quite important as they get you the best nail designs and care for them properly. 

Modupe’s top tips for taking care of your nails

  • Remember to oil your cuticles when done and at intervals over time. This is to keep your cuticles safe and healthy.
  • Please don’t pick on your nails or use them as a tool.
  • Always visit a professional nail technician who cares for your nail health while beautifying them. 

Self-care also includes getting those pretty manicures done. Take some time to pamper your nails this season, darlings.

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