Funke Olotu’s hack for oily & acne prone skin- #MyBeautyHack

Funke Olotu is a tech marketer, lifestyle enthusiast, and content creator passionate about beauty and wellness. She owns a blog and a YouTube channel and as a woman who wears many hats, Funke is a versatile creative. Her passion extends beyond creating for herself, identifying as an amateur photographer capturing life’s moments in the most beautiful light.

Funke Olotu’s journey into content creation began during her university years when she ventured into blogging. She initially focused on fashion and occasionally shared snippets of her life but was hesitant to delve into the realm of beauty as she battled with her confidence. 

Now, Funke’s content has evolved in harmony with her personal growth. Today, she candidly shares her experiences in mindful living, travel adventures, and her unique style, and lets us in on her life.

Funke Olotu- My Beauty Hack
Image: Funke Olotu via Instagram

Currently pursuing her MA in Media and Communication in the United Kingdom, Funke has already made great strides in under two years. In 2022, she clinched the coveted Pinterest UK Creator Fund, an achievement that has boosted her confidence and expanded her network. Consistency & originality have brought her this far, and she advises fellow creators to “do what you are meant to do and stay true to yourself”.

Since relocating to the UK in December 2021, Funke has encountered her fair share of challenges as a creator. Building meaningful connections and relationships as a new immigrant was a hurdle she had to cross, but she makes consistent efforts to put herself out there. 

As a black creator with oily and acne-prone skin, Funke’s relationship with beauty has been an evolving journey. Her career is on an upward trajectory, and she remains grateful for her growth.

Funke embodies experimentation and self-discovery on her journey with beauty and makeup. Her mantra is simple: find what works best for you. Watch Funke’s secrets for long-lasting makeup for oily and acne-prone skin in this episode of “My Beauty Hack” while discussing the profound relationship between beauty and mental health, and some products she swears by.  

Funke Olotu- My Beauty Hack
Image: Funke Olotu via Instagram

Shop Funke Olotu’s Favourites 

Skin prep is the most crucial step before doing any kind of makeup. Funke uses this toner, snail serum, moisturiser, and sunscreen to prep her skin for other products.

Cosrx snail serum 

Cosrx snail serum
Image: Corsx

Garnier Ambre Solaire Anti-Dark spots & pollution super UV SPF50+

Image: Funke Olotu

Image: Pyukang Yul

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner


Primer- Funke says this sets the stage for her makeup to last longer.

The benefit primer 

the benefit primer
Image: Benefit

Perfector glow- One beauty hack Funke trusts is to add a bit of glow before your foundation. 

Maybelline perfector glow

Maybelline perfector glow
Image: Maybelline

Concealer- Funke lets her concealer stay a bit before blending upwards. As another hack, she uses a beauty blender rather than a brush, which helps better fill her pores and textured skin better. It  ensures  smooth coverage as well.

LA girl concealer 

LA girl concealer
Image: L.A Girl

Setting spray- Funke says her setting spray is always on standby, and as the name suggests, your makeup sits well when you have your setting spray on.

Morphe setting spray

morphe setting spray- Funke Olotu BEAUTY HACK
Image: Morphe


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