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Growing up, my fascination with advent calendars was rooted in the thrill of unwrapping a new gift each day, a small yet delightful surprise that made every morning of the holiday season feel special. This love for daily surprises set me on a quest for the perfect advent calendar for Christmas, a quest fulfilled by Adopt Parfums’ exquisite offerings. For forty years, this French perfumery icon has been crafting scents that are more than mere fragrances; they are narratives in themselves, each bottle a unique blend of emotion, story, and aroma. 

My scent journey with Adopt Parfums’ advent calendars was like rediscovering the joy and adventure of those childhood Christmases. Each day, as I unveiled a new fragrance, I stepped into a different world, from the tropical bliss of Rêve de coco to the refined elegance of Rose Diamant. These weren’t just perfumes; they were stories captured in scent, an odyssey into the heart of French perfumery that showcased Adopt’s decades of expertise. This exploration transcended traditional perfume sampling. It was a personal adventure, weaving together memories and emotions and a commitment to quality, accessibility, and sustainability. It reinforced my belief in the magic of advent calendars – each fragrance a gift, each day an opportunity to explore a new facet of beauty and olfactory art.

My olfactory journey with Adopt parfums

Tropical and Exotic

As a lover of surprises and the excitement of unwrapping gifts (and someone desperately needing a vacation), the Tropical and Exotic scents in Adopt’s advent calendar were like a holiday treat. Each fragrance whisked me away to an idyllic paradise.


Rêve de coco: This was a personal favourite, a tropical escapade in a bottle. Its creamy coconut and almond milk notes, underpinned by comforting white musk and sandalwood, wrapped me in a distant island’s warmth and relaxation.

Chic & Sun: Encountered as both a body milk and a mini perfume, it conjured images of beachside luxury in the Maldives. The blend of peach, tiare flower, ylang-ylang, and warm sand was like a sun-soaked day by the sea, filled with indulgent tranquillity.

Monoï des îles: An olfactory love letter to beach holidays, the combination of mandarin, gardenia, monoi, and vanilla transported me to a sun-drenched shore with each spritz.

Vanille Coco: This delightful mix of vanilla, coconut, and orchid was a tropical dream, evoking images of a serene paradise where every moment is an indulgence in relaxation.

Fresh and Invigorating

The Fresh and Invigorating fragrances in the calendar were like a burst of energy and rejuvenation, perfect for starting the day with positivity.

adopt parfums - lady glitter
Lady Glitter

Lady Glitter: This scent reminded me of my early morning coffee ritual. The blend of coffee latte, orange blossom, and vanilla was like stepping into my favourite café, greeted by the comforting aroma of fresh brews and sweet pastries.

Little Sugar: It captured the essence of a bright new day. The blend of bergamot, mandarin, strawberry, jasmine, cedarwood, and vanilla was a symphony of freshness, symbolising endless possibilities.

adopt parfums - little sugar
Little Sugar

Cozy and Comforting

The Cozy and Comforting scents were like being wrapped in a soft, warm blanket, perfect for introspective evenings or quiet nights in.

Bouquet d’amour: With passion fruit and kiwi leading to a cashmere wood base, it felt like starting the day vibrant and ending it in the comforting embrace of home.

Skin Obsession: The notes of pear, tonka bean, jasmine, and sandalwood created an ambience of peace and contentment, like being in a space where everything feels just right.

Sophisticated and Elegant

These scents, embodying sophistication and elegance, are for moments that demand a touch of luxury and refinement.

Au féminin: A personal standout, it melded cherry’s sweet fruitiness with jasmine’s floral elegance and the warm depth of sandalwood, perfect for evenings that called for a scent as sophisticated as the setting.

Rose Diamant: Like slipping into a bed with freshly laundered sheets, it brought a sense of refreshing comfort, ideal for moments of relaxation and luxury.

Sublimissime: This scent was a luxurious treat, combining pear, jasmine, vanilla, and marron glacé, evoking the pleasure of indulgence in something exquisitely crafted.

Vibrant and Dynamic

In the Vibrant and Dynamic category, the scents pulsated with energy, perfect for those who thrive on excitement and adventure.

Midnight for her

Midnight for her: This fragrance, with its blend of blackcurrant, rose, and patchouli, was like a night out in a city filled with the allure of culture and luxury.

Yummy Candy: A playful mix of mandarin, pineapple, patchouli, and vanilla, it was a day at a lively resort, from the zest of activities to the tranquillity of evening relaxation.

Yummy Candy

Unique and Artistic

The Unique and Artistic scents are for those who appreciate the unconventional, offering a twist to traditional fragrances.

L’atout charme: Its blend of ginger, almond blossom, orange blossom, and hazelnut took me to a cosy coffee shop, where creativity meets comfort in a warm, inviting ambience.

Cœur à cœur: With its unique composition of passion fruit, white floral bouquet, cedarwood, and vanilla, this scent struck a perfect balance between brightness and depth, ideal for moments seeking both upliftment and grounding.

The art of scent

In the fragrant world of Adopt Parfums, each perfume is not just a fragrance; it’s a story waiting to be told. My journey with Adopt’s scents transformed mere daily routines into a tapestry of experiences, each fragrance unveiling a new chapter – from the sun-kissed allure of tropical escapes to the refined charm of elegant evenings. As a fragrance lover, I was enthralled by how each scent from Adopt’s diverse palette became a part of my narrative, reflecting my mood, memories, and aspirations.

Adopt Parfums captivated me as it is a beacon of sustainable luxury in the perfume industry. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices brought a sense of pride and responsibility to my daily scent choices. For instance, the tropical Rêve de coco wasn’t just a reminder of distant shores; it became a symbol of my support for ethical fragrance production. Similarly, each affordable bottle from Adopt broke the norms of luxury, proving that exquisite fragrances need not be a privilege of the few. This democratisation of luxury resonated deeply with me, as I could indulge in the elegance of French perfumery without financial guilt.

My exploration through Adopt Parfums’ range was akin to a personal scent adventure. Each fragrance, with its distinct character, accompanied me through various moments – the refreshing Lady Glitter during my morning rituals or the comforting Vanille Bourbon on a quiet evening. This journey was more than just discovering new fragrances; it was about finding reflections of myself in each scent, from the playful Yummy Candy on a day out with friends to the sophisticated Au féminin for special evenings.

The Emblematic Advent calendar via Adopt parfums

In the end, Adopt Parfums is more than a fragrance brand; it’s a journey of self-discovery and expression, inviting everyone to explore and embrace the myriad scents of life.

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