Your ‘’Busy Babe’’ guide to staying fit and fabulous

Martha (30) begins her day thrice weekly at four in the morning. Early, right? That’s what I said. She jogs on the beach, does a simple morning workout at home, or lifts weights at the gym. Before this lifestyle, her days were spent at work and her nights in bed with no consistent physical activity. Martha was a total homebody who didn’t attend parties over the weekend or any other outings. 

I remember when I wasn’t exercising. My bones and joints felt like plastic and not the good kind. I could barely get things done without feeling like I had a mountain on my shoulders.” Martha says.

Starting her fitness journey was not a walk in the park, but it had to be done. Long hours in the office and nap time weren’t cutting it anymore, so she began to walk and run. Eventually, she decided to get a gym membership and become a textbook gym rat. 

The benefits of staying active went beyond solid bones and joints, as Martha noticed a significant improvement in her ability to assimilate and perform at work. Getting tasks done also became relatively easy, and the mountain on her shoulder was a speck of dust. 

Stephanie Nwokoye- Fitness Expert
Image: Stephanie Nwokoye

In Stephanie Nwokoye’s four years of experience as a fitness expert and exercise scientist, she notes that the motivation for busy babes starting their fitness journey is the willingness to change a specific thing about themselves. 

“If you desire to improve your athleticism or fight health challenges, staying fit should be your priority.”

Stephanie preaches the gospel of staying fit, “The benefits span our lives physically, mentally and health-wise.”

Further bolstering her point on her clients’ motivation, she says, “Women come because they’re scared of getting a more serious health issue, and rightly so. Others, though, want to improve their physique or athleticism. Whatever their reasons are, they’re united by that burning desire to effect some changes in their life.” 

Kelly Rowland- Staying Fit
Image: Kelly Rowland via Pinterest

Staying fit with a busy schedule 

Although consistency at the gym is advantageous, busy babes consider it an inconvenience, and if this is your fear, Stephanie says you need not fret. These tips will help you stay consistently healthy even with a busy schedule.  

  • Pick the days: Consistently training at home or the gym three times a week will get you the desired results. Pick the days that are most convenient on your schedule and get to work. 
  • Decide on the time: Make 20-30 minutes daily for a walk, a quick stretch at work, or a home workout with video guidance. 
  • Stay active: Make lifestyle adjustments to improve mobility, as they’ll help you stay active while you are not working out. Take the stairs more instead of the elevator, walk short distances instead of driving, and take short stretch breaks after sitting for hours at work.  
  • Get an accountability partner: Your fitness journey is all yours, but having someone who keeps you accountable is essential. It also helps if they are active; this can be your best friend or a trusted family member. Ensure you update them on your schedule and be completely transparent with them.
  • Have a personal trainer: A personal trainer can double as an accountability partner. A good one will create exercise plans tailored to your specific goals, fitness level, and any limitations you may have. They will keep track of your progress and help you level up.  
The Oddity- Work out gears
Image: The Oddity via Instagram

Workout routines for staying fit & the best outfits for them

There are a lot of activities you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a regular at the gym to be fab and fit. The following workout routines are a great starting point on your fitness journey.


This is quite accessible because it can be done anywhere and is an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

We recommend a well-fitted sports bra (which keeps the girls balanced) and a pair of stretchy leggings with running shoes for optimal comfort. 

Skipping- Staying Fit
Image: Prostock Studio via iStock

Lifting weights 

This exercise is perfect for building strength and muscles. As a newbie, you would require the help of a personal trainer or gym expert to master this routine.

For this exercise, wear a pair of stretchy leggings, a comfy T-shirt, and gloves to get a good grip on the weights. 

Lifting Weights-
Image: People Images via iStock

Home workouts 

These are perfect if you want to avoid spending time at the gym. For this, Stephanie’s high-intensity workout is the ideal guide to keep you fit in your living room. 

Home workouts require a trusty sports bra, a stretchy pair of shorts, and socks for an extra cosy feeling. 

Home work out- staying fit
Image: Miniseries via iStock


Swimming engages everything from the arms, shoulders, and legs to the core, glutes, and back. This makes it the perfect workout without the rigorousness of a day at the gym, and for this activity, a swimming suit is your best option. 

Opt for a two-piece bikini or a one-piece swimsuit, whatever works, as long as you stay fit!

Beverly Osu- swImming
Image: Beverly Osu via Instagram

Picking out the right workout gear

After getting your workout wear ready, it’s time to pick out your workout gear. Although a workout session should be intense and out of your comfort zone, possessing the right tools to simplify the process helps. These items should fit easily in your gym bag and make your workout more productive.

Exercise/yoga mats are perfect for stretching, floor-based workouts, and yoga. These mats are handy for a comfortable workout session. 

Resistance bands are great for muscle maintenance and growth and will turn your regular exercises into high-intensity ones. Build those muscles, sis! 

Gloves are ideal for reducing friction between your hand and the gym equipment while working out. It is crucial to protect your body while staying fit.

Jump rope: If you are trying to get a quick cardio exercise in without leaving your house, jump ropes are a must-have. 

Gliding discs: Gliding discs aid you in building core muscles, cutting down your fat-to-muscle ratio, and building strength. 

Step bench: Step benches enhance your ability to get more mobility within a short time, and they provide a fun aerobic workout. 

Are waist trainers necessary for this journey?

Fitness trainer Stephanie places a disapproval stamp on waist trainers. “I have a strong opinion that waist trainers are entirely unnecessary for weight loss. The workings can be likened to putting a band-aid on a broken bone,” she says. Realistically, there is no scientific proof that waist trainers are effective for weight loss and permanent body sculpting. 

Staying fit and fabulous requires consistency and determination as a busy babe because fitness extends beyond a daily routine. It is a lifestyle with less pressure to fit social media standards and more focus on being a better version of yourself. 

In fact, it is a lifetime commitment, so you should only follow sustainable routines and diet plans. Keeping it simple and sustainable ensures you don’t burn out and quit.

With the ease of utilising technology in our daily lives, it is essential to immerse it in the most imaginative ways. Smartwatches and health bands enable us to keep better track of our activities. Stephanie advises using these tools as a reminder to maintain good mobility by walking and stretching often. 

Staying fit can be easy if you are willing to put in the work, especially as a busy babe.


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