Tyla becomes the first South African artist to break 10 million monthly Spotify listeners

When Tyla’s mesmerising track “Water” made its TikTok debut, it was an instant sensation, setting the platform ablaze with its irresistible choreography. Tyla’s sensual stage performances of the song continue to hold TikTok users in a chokehold, and her artistry has catapulted her to the highest point of global recognition. Water is sitting pretty at number 67 on the Billboard Top 100 list. 

Apart from “Water,” Tyla’s music catalogue boasts a plethora of captivating tunes. However, if we were to pick a favourite, it would undoubtedly be “Girl Next Door.” This delightful track showcases the incredible talent of Nigeria’s very own Ayra Starr, a true sensation in her own right. The harmonious blend of these two exceptional artists has left us utterly captivated, firmly establishing them as rising stars in the African music scene.

Tyla and Ayra Starr via Instagram

While some might see Tyla’s ascent to fame as sudden, devoted fans cherish her TikTok origins, where she captivated followers through dances and lip-syncs to Nigerian tunes. The South African artist has recently graced the stage as the opening act for none other than Chris Brown during his world tour, leaving audiences spellbound with the all too familiar South African dance steps. 

Tyla’s ascent doesn’t stop there; she has etched her name as the first South African artist to amass an astonishing 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone in her career and stands as a testament to Africa’s endless fountain of talent. With such accomplishments under her belt, Tyla is undeniably poised for even greater heights in the music industry, and her success resonates as a triumphant moment for both South Africans and Africans as a whole. 


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