How Kaline is advocating for the appreciation of music in film

On Sunday, March 24, the AMVCA nominee list was released. With talent and creativity recognised by the AMVCA, Kaline, a film composer and music supervisor (also known as Kaline Music on Instagram), took to Instagram to express her concern for the AMVCA’s neglect of music in film.

According to Kaline, composing for film is a thorough process that helps elevate storytelling. Therefore, it should not be neglected. However, the AMVCA nominee list does not reflect the contribution of film composers, songwriters, and performers.

In the post, she explained the categories that represent the efforts and creativity of music composers and their contribution to the film genre. She said,

“As a composer deeply invested in the magic of film scores and soundtracks, I can’t help but notice the absence of categories like Best Song, Best Score, and Best Soundtrack.” 

Kaline in Arise News Studios

As a result of this post, Kaline was invited to Arise News to speak on the need to include film composers in film award shows to appreciate and encourage more musicians and composers to contribute to film progress in Nigeria.

The burden of film composers

The importance of music in film cannot be understated. Music helps uplift and depict the film’s narrative and seamlessly deliver the story to the audience. Undoubtedly, the people who contribute to the beauty of film deserve to be acknowledged, especially in their distinct categories.

The underappreciation of film composers has been a significant concern for individuals in film and music. So much so that We Talk Sound, in collaboration with In Nollywood, released a documentary titled “Sounds of Nollywood,” detailing the painstaking process of creating music for the film. In this five-episode documentary, film composers talk about the experience of working hard to curate and bring to life the story being told through film.

Music and sound design aren’t just elements; they’re the magic that transforms and elevates a film’s beauty. Let’s face it: a film without music is like a canvas without paint. It’s the soulful tunes and immersive soundscapes that truly bring a movie to life, making it unforgettable. So, it’s high time we celebrate the incredible impact of music in cinema and the creative geniuses behind it.

Furthermore, Kaline’s advocacy for recognition is not without reason. It is time for us to recognise the efforts of music composers and film contributors. 



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