The best street style hair trends from SS24

It’s not uncommon to expect the most creative street style hair trends from international fashion weeks. In fact, we anticipate the new trends set from these styles. At the SS24 shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan, we were inspired by the expression of personal style through the crowning glory of the hair.

Street style has become an influential aspect of fashion weeks and is sometimes more anticipated than the runways. Bridging the gap between high-end runway shows and everyday wear is an authentic showcase of how real people interpret and embrace fashion trends. 

We found some of the best street style hair trends to transform your next hairdo into a fashion statement. 

Global SS24 Street Style Hair Trends

Braids and twists: Braids are on the list of the major street style hair trends this year. From intricate cornrows to loose goddess braids adorned with ribbons and beads, braided hairstyles dominated the streets. Experiment with different braid sizes and accessories to create a unique look that suits your personality.

Low cut: Short hair doesn’t mean limited style options. Don’t be afraid to play with colour here, adding shades of purple, red, or brown for a bold twist. Keep your short hair well-moisturised and invest in a good curl-defining product for those twists.

Versatile wig styles: Wig styles are a hot commodity, whether it’s the appeal of bone-straight wigs or the reigning trend of Y2K-inspired bob wigs. Bone-straight wigs give that polished look, and you can personalise it with various parting options while preserving the wig’s quality with careful use of heat protectants and straighteners. Bob wigs, an ode to the Y2K era, remain in vogue, offering styling flexibility with sleek or curly variations. For a natural appearance and endless styling options, invest in high-quality wigs.

Locs: We saw a lot of street style hair trends, but locs, in particular, inspired us to embrace our natural texture. Short or long, Locs are a testament to embracing your roots—literally. Moisturise and maintain your locs regularly for a healthy and vibrant look.

Curly hair: From voluminous ringlets to tight coils, the message with curly hair is clear: embrace your natural texture with pride. With this hairstyle, hydration is key; use curl-enhancing products and deep-conditioning treatments for defined curls.

Sleek pigtails and ponytails: Pigtails and ponytails are no longer just for schoolgirls; they’ve become high-fashion statements. To add a little pizzazz, as we saw with the street style hair trends, add a stylish ribbon or bow them.

Short afros: The natural hair girlies showed us how to rock short afros this year. Make sure to get regular trims and moisturisers to keep your afro looking its best. You can also opt for afro wigs for more versatility in keeping up with the street style hair trends.

Sleek buns: The sleek bun is the epitome of elegance. It’s a timeless style that complements any outfit, from casual to formal and adds a touch of sophistication to your looks. We recommend you use smoothing products to achieve that polished look.

These SS24 street style hair trends represent the power of self-expression through fashion. Be inspired by these trends for your next hair adventure, whether by embracing your natural texture, experimenting with braids or donning a sleek bob wig. 


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