Ayra Starr’s music videos are where her style truly shines

While Ayra Starr is topping the Afropop scene right now, her style game is an equally bright star in her career. In music videos, we see her artistic expression through style evolution and a commitment to making bold fashion choices. Let’s take a journey through some of her most iconic looks from each year!

“Bloody Samaritan”, 2021

Arya Starr via Instagram

Ayra Starr’s breakout braids, the memorable red pick-and-drop hairstyle, became a signature look that fans instantly recognised and adored. She wore the full puff and slightly defined curls as a crown, one to say, “I have arrived and I’m here to stay!”

“Beggie Beggie”, 2021


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In “Beggie Beggie,” Ayra Starr introduced a playful and daring fashion choice with her butterfly bra top by Eniyan – this standout piece showed her growing comfort and confidence. The top’s bold design added a whimsical touch to the video, expressing her unique sense of style.

“Ase” for @colorsxstudios, 2022

During her performance of “Ase” on @colorsxstudios, Ayra Starr’s choice of vibrant makeup became the focal point. With bold, colourful eye makeup by Meraki By Onome, she embraced a playful and artistic look that perfectly complemented her hot pink outfit, making her stand out as a dynamic and confident performer.

“Rush”, 2022

Arya Starr via Instagram

In the “Rush” music video, Ayra Starr switched things up with her hairstyle, opting for a blonde wig. This bold change symbolised a new, fun-loving phase in her career, proving that she could effortlessly pull off a variety of looks while keeping her distinctive edge.

“Sability”, 2023


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Ayra Starr’s use of accessories in the “Sability” music video added a dreamy yet powerful touch to her look. She paired her outfit with butterfly-themed jewellery, including delicate and bold earrings and a necklace; the gold gele highlighted her playful and youthful spirit, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the video.

“Girl Next Door” with Tyla, 2023 

Arya Starr via Instagram

For “Girl Next Door,” Ayra Starr’s use of crochet fashion stood out. She wore a crochet two-piece crop top and short skirt designed by Julie Colquitt, showcasing her ability to blend comfort with style. This unique choice of material added a bohemian and carefree vibe to the video, making it the perfect summer vibe.

“Rhythm & Blue”, 2024

Arya Starr via Instagram

 In “Rhythm & Blue,” Ayra Starr’s high-fashion statement came through with her choice of designer pieces. Styled by Yanderejan, her first look featured a watch skirt handmade by Sseida Studios. This inventive and artistic garment highlighted her willingness to push fashion boundaries and embrace avant-garde styles.

“Last Heartbreak Song”, 2024

Arya starr via Instagram

In her latest music video for “Last Heartbreak Song”, Ayra Starr wore a full custom two-piece by Dahl Designs, featuring a yellow crop top and a rose petal skirt. This outfit’s standout element was its romantic and whimsical design, reflecting the emotional depth of the song and showcasing her ability to blend fashion with narrative storytelling.

From bold and edgy to playful and chic, Ayra Starr has proven that there is no aesthetic she can’t pull off, her fans are inspired and so are we!


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