These Twitter sex positions are a must-try this love season 

If you scroll long enough on X (formerly known as Twitter), you will stumble on at least one insane sex position on your timeline. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, but that’s precisely what it’s been like for me and many people in the past few weeks. And while X has a history of having some of the freakiest content on the internet, this is definitely on a whole other level.

For a bit of fun and to add some extra spice to your Valentine’s celebrations, we’ve put together a list of must-try sex positions for this season of love, as recommended by X.

Spanish Guitar

sex position - Spanish Guitar

The Spanish guitar is precisely how it sounds. Think about it like a quick cuddle session with a bit of added spice.

While sitting on a chair, the man holds the woman across his lap. She sits and holds his thighs for support while she arches her back and keeps her leg on her tiptoes to elevate the pleasure.


sex position - bomb

The bomb is very simple. It’s a ‘collapsed doggy’ but a sofa variant of the position.

In this position, the sofa restricts movement, trapping all the explosive pleasure in one place. The woman spreads her legs wide enough to remain on the sofa and elevates her hips high enough to reach him while he places his feet on the armrest. One arm stays on the other side of the armrest, and the other is on his lover’s back. You can adjust the position to get comfortable.


sex position - Japan

With this sex position, everyone will end up feeling satisfied. Originating from the regal Edo era in Japan, this position allows the man’s mouth to be full with her breast and the woman with the man’s penis. Also, this is an armchair position.

In this position, the man sits with his legs spread a little. She sits on his lap with one leg on the armrest and the other on the floor as they both enjoy the slow but elegant thrusts with her breast in his mouth.


If you’re tired from the other positions, this can help you relax and get into your groove.

In this position, everyone is lying down. The woman remains on her back with bent knees and legs thrown over the man’s hip and arm and her buttocks directly facing his pelvis. The man lays on his side while he penetrates and holds her hips up with one hand. The other hand can either hold his head up or fondle her breasts.


If you’re a Game of Thrones lover and a couch sex enthusiast, or you just love to dominate or be dominated, you have to try this position.

Consider a reverse doggy technique in this position but with a twist. The man lays with his shoulders on the floor, his hips at the edge of the couch, and his legs on the seat, making him elevated. The woman sits with his legs in between her hips and rides him to her satisfaction.

While the X app might not be the best place to take sex advice, we have filtered through the chaos to bring you the best of them. Let us know which sex position you’re itching to try.


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