Boost your love life with these 5 easy tricks for great sex

Making love is fun, but it might get dull over time if you’re always letting your partner take the lead and decide everything. Taking control from time to time is key.

Here’s the deal: while getting busy is great if you’re not working out regularly, some positions can be exhausting. This might lead to feeling tired and losing interest during the act. Don’t stress! Let us share five tips that make the intimacy game more comfortable for you!

tricks for great sex
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1. Spin it – spare those thigh muscles

Have your partner relax on a chair or the edge of the bed, and then straddle them. Just let your legs chill instead of going baffling up and down, which can tire your thighs. Let gravity do its thing, giving you a deeper connection, and then gently rotate those hips. It’s like thrusting but with a twist–hitting different spots and enjoying the spin.

Even if your partner’s lying down, the spinning trick works. Don’t go too fast or put too much effort into it to avoid awkward moments.

2. Not up and down, but forward and backward

When thinking of more active positions, being on top comes to mind. But sitting on a guy can make your thighs ache if you’re constantly going up and down. Instead, lean back a bit after straddling your partner. Place your hands near their knees for support and gently move forward and backwards. It’s a chill experience without breaking a sweat.

3. Forget just lifting legs; embrace hooking instead

In the usual missionary position, lifting your legs now and then can tire them out. Try hooking your legs around your partner’s waist or crossing them behind them. Use your hands to hold on to their neck or give them a light embrace. It takes the load off your legs and adds a more intimate touch, with their pelvis rubbing against your outer area for some extra pleasure.

4. Lay down instead of half planking – chill and lie comfortably

Doggy style is cool, but keeping it up for a while can tire your arms, especially if you’re not always active. Instead, lie flat on the bed. No need to use your arms to support your weight. Start with your legs spread for entry, then bring them together. Your partner can kneel and thrust gently. Relax without putting in too much effort, and feel the connection between the two of you intensify.

5. Lie on your side – a comfortable alternative

The traditional woman-on-top can be a bit much if your partner is on the larger side. Try a side-entry position. Lie on your side with your back facing your partner, letting them enter you from behind. Place your upper leg on top of theirs for a comfy and intimate connection without feeling weighed down.

Keep in mind that, according to traditional Chinese medicine, this position can hit specific points, potentially helping with pelvic activation and tackling issues like heavy periods or irregular cycles. It’s definitely worth a shot!

These tricks are some easy-going tips for your bedroom adventures. When you’re a bit tired but still want to unwind with a beautiful, intimate experience, give these a go!

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Taiwan
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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