Curate the perfect love basket this Valentine’s with our handy guide! 

the perfect love basket

The season of love is here, and with it come many Valentine’s packages spread across the internet. Not to yuck anyone’s yum, but it’s hard to ignore how generic and conventional many of these packages are. Where’s the creativity and personal touch that used to define this time of year?

Putting together a personalised gift or love basket is one of the most romantic gestures you can make for your partner. Imagine someone meticulously selecting items that embody their feelings for you. It’s the stuff of dreams, right?

The secret to curating the perfect love basket

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Creating a love basket might feel like a considerable effort, but therein lies its magic: the effort itself is the gift.

By doing this, you show your partner that they are worth your time and energy and, even better, that you pay attention to what they need. To curate the perfect love basket, you need five things;

One thing they’ve always wanted

As an attentive partner, you would certainly know what they’ve always wanted. It could be anything they’ve mentioned consistently or something on their vision board. Get creative and make it the first addition to the love basket.

One thing in their favourite colour

Getting a gift in their favourite colour is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. We’d suggest getting them something functional like a smartphone charging station, an eco-friendly reusable water bottle, kitchen gadgets or utensils, wireless headphones, or stationery. Whatever it is, ensure it is in their favourite colour.

One thing that represents you

As their partner or friend, a little memorabilia can’t hurt. Select something that sparks a memory that you both share. It can be a framed picture collage of your favourite days together, engraved jewellery with a meaningful inscription, or a curated playlist representing all the memories you have.

One thing they enjoy doing

Supporting your partner’s favourite activity might give them the belly buzz you aim for. You can get them items that make their activities more manageable. If they like the gym, get them gym gear like hand gloves or gym fits, depending on their preference. If they love music, get a new sound set or curate a playlist. If they like to crochet or knit, get them wool they love or crochet pins of different sizes. Doing this will show that you support their interests and want to see them continue.

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One thing you’ve always wanted to say to them

What better way to say you love them than to write a love letter? None, in our opinion. A love letter is the perfect way to express your feelings without hesitation. However, if there’s more you want to say—like proposing marriage—then a love letter can be great company for a diamond ring!

Crafting the ideal love basket could be precisely what it takes to bring a smile to your significant other’s face this Valentine’s season. Will you be putting together the perfect love basket? Let us know!


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