These Nigerian couples symbolise the definition of love and companionship 

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love is in the air, and what better way to begin the romantic season than to spotlight some of our favourite Nigerian couples that symbolise the beauty of love and companionship?

From heartfelt and handcrafted notes to each other to tear-gushing songs, we’re bringing to you our favourite Nigerian couples who have filled our timelines with sweetness and enviable affection in no particular order.

Renz and Mo

From Twitter to Instagram, Lawrence and Motara Alabi have us wishing for what they have. The gorgeous couple consistently serves us with exciting content on both their personal and couple pages, with us wanting more and hoping for love as sweet as theirs.

Taye and Toni

With their love story starting on TikTok, Taye and Toni remain stunning together and apart. Although they are a long-distance couple, they make it look so easy, especially with the jaw-dropping Christmas pictures that had us yearning for more in 2023. Talk about love right out of a book!

Temi and Eazi

Even though they never really fill up our timelines with cute pictures and videos, “Legalise” and their “How Far Podcast” have kept us hooked on the mysterious but fascinating love lives of Temi and Eazi. The beautiful couple has been together for seven years, and rumour has it that they are married. Fingers crossed! We’re hoping to get private wedding content soon!

Akah and Claire Nnani

Ever wonder what it’s like to be with someone who brings out the best in you and doesn’t hesitate to call you the best person they know? Yeah, we do, too, but Akah and Claire Nnani never have to worry about finding that person because they’re it for each other. Childlike love that even a blind man can see is the best way to describe it.

Ag Baby and Simi

Being in a relationship where you both can serenade each other to sleep must be a divine experience, and if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Simi and Adekunke Gold have the type of chemistry we truly yearn for. They are one of our favourite couples not just because of the palpable chemistry between them but because they’ve blessed us with some of the best love songs of the last decade.

Finding love can get a bit iffy, but these couples always keep us yearning for authentic love energy. Hopefully, they let us peek into their journey through love’s lenses.


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