These runway makeup tips will have you glowing like a runway star

Right on the heels of the mesmerising fashion whirlwind strutting down the runway, there’s another spotlight-stealer: makeup trends. The runway isn’t just a catwalk; it’s a canvas for artistic, avant-garde fashion and makeup creations. As you dive into this world of beauty, you’ll discover many elements to infuse into your daily makeup ritual. And while some runway makeup might initially appear daunting for everyday wear, fear not because that’s precisely where we come in to guide you.

Teaming up with Aminat Bolaji of FlawlessTouchbyMia, renowned as one of Nigeria’s most sought-after Makeup Artists, we’re ready to dive into the forefront of the beauty scene. Together, we’ll unravel the freshest makeup trends straight from the high-energy runways of fashion weeks. What’s more, we’ve got your back with practical, step-by-step instructions to help you effortlessly recreate these stunning looks.

Image: Courtesy via Christian Siriano

Clean, dewy skin is the ultimate canvas for runway makeup

Achieving a radiant, dewy complexion akin to runway makeup on models is no longer a distant dream. According to Aminat Bolaji, impeccable skin prep is critical to this trend.

  • Firstly, moisturise and hydrate your skin using hydrating creams. This initial step lays the foundation for a plump, silky canvas that seamlessly allows your makeup to glide on. 
  • Following this is perfectly priming the skin with a primer that’s well suited to your skin. It not only smoothes your skin but also keeps your makeup long-lasting.
  • Subsequently, choose a foundation with light to medium coverage to achieve a sheer, natural finish that enhances your skin’s radiance. Mix your foundation with a highlighter cream or essential oil for that extra glow. 
  • Use a concealer to brighten your under-eye area and create a more awake appearance.
  • Lastly, use a facial spray to hydrate the base and ensure it blends seamlessly into the skin. This is crucial for that dewy look.

Product recommendations

  • Corsx snail mucin
  • Danessa Myricks blurring balm in the universal shade 
  • Huda Beauty foundation in chocolate truffle
  • Pat McGrath concealer in the shades Deep 29 and Medium 19. 
  • Mario Badescu facial spray
Makeup looks
Image: Prada Beauty via Instagram

Make it pop with blush

‘I’m a blush girl and was excited to see it shine at the just concluded LFW and NYFW. ‘Aminat says. The makeup enthusiasts hopped on the blush bandwagon ahead of the curve, and guess what? It’s still riding high, making a splash on recent fashion week runways. This trend is like a secret weapon to infuse your makeup routine with fun, vibrancy, and youthful allure.

Use a versatile product that adds a perfect dewy finish to create a captivating flush of colour, mimicking the runway makeup. The application process is a breeze – glide the blush stick onto the apples of your cheeks and gently blend it toward the outer corners of your cheekbones. This technique ensures that the blush pops with a touch of natural elegance. 

Product recommendation

  • Huda Beauty blush stick
Runway makeup- blush
Image: Total Beauty

Radiate sculpted grace with minimal contour

The minimal contour runway makeup trend is all about enhancing your natural features. Once you’ve achieved a flawless base, it’s time to introduce a soft and understated contour. Aminat’s top tip is to go for a shade just one or two shades darker than your skin tone for a natural finish.

  • Begin by applying the contour shade to the hollows of your cheeks, along your jawline, and delicately along the sides of your nose. The key here is to blend with a gentle hand, ensuring that the contours seamlessly meld with your skin. 
  • After the contouring process, set the under-eye area with a setting powder. The trick is to set, not bake. 
  • Lightly pat the powder under your eyes and extend it over the T-bone area. This helps create a flawless finish, ensuring your under-eye area remains smooth and radiant throughout the day. 

Product recommendation

  • Danessa Myricks evolution powder in a lovely shade of yellow
Runway makeup- minimal contour
Image: Launchmetrics Spotlight via Tom Ford

Reveal your ethereal goddess with shimmery eyes.

Shimmery eyes were a runway makeup favourite, and now you can master this ethereal trend for everyday use. To achieve this look, you’ll need a shimmery pigment or eyeshadow.

  • Start by preparing your eyelids for the magic by ensuring they are free from excess oils. 
  • Lightly tap the pigments onto your eyelids with your finger. 
  • For extra hold for your celestial look, use glitter or pigment glue as a base before patting on the pigment. 

Product recommendation

  • Lutza Cosmetics pigments in the shade Milky Way
Runway makeup- shimmery eyes
Image: Terry Barber via Ashish

Nude lips give a timeless elegance

Nude lips have graced countless runways over the years, embodying a timeless and understated elegance that transcends trends. Achieving this iconic look requires mastering subtle yet essential techniques.

  • Begin with moisturised lips using lip balm or oil. 
  • Line your lips with brown eyeshadow 
  • Apply a lip gloss like the Fenty gloss. 
Runway makeup- nude lips
Image: Moschino

You need a dewy finish.

A dewy finish is essential for your runway-inspired makeup look, as seen on Prada and Moschino runways. Aminat’s tip is to use a dewy setting spray that delivers instant hydration, leaving your skin with a beautiful, dew-kissed appearance. Apply this after completing your foundation and makeup routine.

Product recommendation 

  • Max Fix Plus
Runway makeup- dewy finish
Image: Mark Grgurich

These runway makeup trends aren’t confined to special occasions; they’re your versatile companions, ready to grace brunches, friend gatherings, picnics, and even fashion-forward events. Their remarkable adaptability makes them exceptional, granting you the power to express your distinct style every day. So, take that bold step into the captivating realm of runway-inspired beauty, and let your individuality shine through with these trends and an array of possibilities waiting to be explored.


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