SS24 fashion inspiration to infuse runway chic into your home

Fashion and interior design share a captivating dance of creativity, often weaving inspiration from one into the other. These two vibrant art forms, synonymous with bold colours, textures, patterns, and unbridled personal expression, frequently intersect in the most mesmerising ways. In this article, we’re drawing from the SS24 runway trends to elevate the aesthetics of our living spaces.

Just as a meticulously crafted gown can exude elegance and personality, so can your choice of furniture and decor elements. Imagine the drama of a bold, runway-inspired colour palette adorning your walls or the comfort of plush textiles echoing the softness of your favourite fashion ensemble. Just as you curate an outfit that embodies your unique personality and current fashion sensibilities, your living spaces should also reflect the same, with a fusion of the latest trends. 

Translating the hottest runway styles from the Spring/Summer 2024 runways into stunning interior decor just got easier. Let’s get into the elements that will inspire the creative direction needed to truly personalise your home. 

SS24 Colours for your home

Chocolate brown

A highly versatile shade of brown, chocolate has taken centre stage on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways, as seen in collections from Acne Studios, Saint Laurent, Fendi, JW Anderson, and Carolina Herrera. Adopting chocolate brown for plush sofas or velvet cushions adds a touch of comfortable luxury to your living space. Pair this colour with cream or beige for a classic and cosy look, and for a modern twist, contrast with shades of teal or mustard to achieve a captivating ambience. 

Lime green 

Although it is not a regular decor colour, lime green, in the right accents, provides a fantastic twist to creating a fashionable home. It was absolutely electrifying on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways with bold appearances in collections by Bottega Veneta,  Balmain, Erdem, Chet Lo, Moschino, Emporio Armani, Alberta Ferretti and more. Consider using lime green as an accent to bring this zesty trend into your home. The zesty trend will breathe life into neutral spaces with accents like throw pillows, blankets, rugs, or artwork. Lime green works wonderfully in kitchens, adding a fresh burst of energy to cabinets, cooking wares or backsplashes. For a more subtle nod to the trend, lime green tableware or vases will add a pop of refreshing colour that echoes the excitement of the runway.


Red ruled the SS24 runways, as seen in Rick Owens, Ferrari, Acne Studios, Burberry, Bronx and Banco, Bach Mai, and Emporio Armani collections. Inject this fiery trend into your living space through strategic accents like throw pillows, upholstery, or striking wall art. A crimson rug or curtains will infuse vibrancy in your decor, creating a dynamic focal point that exudes energy and warmth. 

Pastel purple 

The purple girlies are in for a treat, as pastel purple made a consistently stunning appearance on the SS24 runways this season. Fashion giants like Marni, Blumarine Rodarte, Rick Owens, Courreges, and LaQuan Smith had various beautiful shades in their collections. This soft, dreamy shade will seamlessly transform your space into a fashionable home with the runway’s chic charm. Consider pastel purple for accent walls, cosy throws, or elegant curtains to create an air of tranquillity and sophistication. Its versatility allows a seamless blend with neutral tones for a timeless look or bold colours for a modern, eclectic feel.

SS24 Materials for your home

Leather accents

The runway spotlight for SS24 shone brightly on leather in rich brown and classic black, with brands like Prada, Mowalola, Marni, Peter Do, and Coach embracing this timeless material. To echo this trend in creating a fashionable home,  go for leather furniture pieces like sofas or armchairs. They add an aura of sophistication and durability to your living spaces, and you can also incorporate these accents in cushions or upholstery on dining chairs. Leather-framed mirrors or trays can also serve as chic additions to your décor to achieve an elegant ambience.  

Sparkles and sequins 

It’s indeed the season to shine with this trend illuminating the SS24 collections as seen on Area, Giorgio Armani, Rabanne, Richard Quinn, Frederick Anderson, and Carolina Herrera. Adopt this dazzling trend into your home by incorporating sequined cushions or decorative pillows for a touch of glamour on the couch or bed. Sequined-framed mirrors make a striking statement on your walls, reflecting light and adding a hint of extravagance. Also, consider infusing subtle shimmer elements in your table runners or placemats at the dining area to elevate your everyday meals into memorable occasions. 

Luxurious Silk 

Silk cascaded down the SS24 runways in the alluring & opulent collections of Saint Laurent, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Schiaparelli, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, and Peter Do. To infuse this luxurious material into your home decor, consider silk throw pillows or drapery in your living room and silk sheets in the bedroom. This is known to improve the quality of your sleep through the breathable fabric and is excellent for sensitive skin. Transforming your space into a sophisticated sanctuary while getting quality sleep time sounds like a double win.   Additionally, silk lampshades add a subtle touch of glamour by casting a soft, inviting glow in any room. 

SS24 Techniques for your home

Subtle, elegant drapery

We saw the elegant, subtle draping technique prominently showcased in collections by Givenchy, Acne Studios, Bottega Veneta, Dolce and Gabbana, Rabanne, Delcore, and Tove on the SS24 runways. To bring this graceful & sophisticated trend into your home, consider using light, flowing curtains that softly frame your windows, filtering natural light to filter for an ethereal ambience. For a touch of elegance in your dining area, opt for tablecloths with gentle draping that gracefully puddle to the floor. 

Colour blocking 

Colour blocking is here to stay, and this outstanding technique is good news for maximalists. The creative trend was a hit on the runways, with brands like Bottega Veneta, Helmut Lang by Peter Do, Fendi, and PH5 incorporating it into their collections. Colour-blocking boldly elevates your home decor and can be subtly interpreted in softer tones that fit your style palate. Consider utilising contrasting shades in your living room or guest rooms for an eye-catching & uplifting focal point. Alternatively, apply the technique to your furniture by reupholstering chairs or sofas with two or more complementary colours. For your dining area, colour-blocked table elements can be achieved with vibrant dinnerware. 

SS24 Accessories for your home


Feathers took flight with collections from  JW Anderson, Mithridate, and Frederick Anderson on the runways. Building a fashionable home with this whimsical trend is easily achievable. Consider accent pieces like decorative pillows, throws, or even feather-adorned artwork to create a subtle dramatic aura. Feather-inspired wallpapers also add a touch of avant-garde charm to your space, while feathered chandeliers in dining areas or bedrooms evoke a sense of elegance and mystery. 

Pictures and Frames 

The trend of incorporating captivating images directly from the SS24 runways of Marni, Undercover, Puppets and Puppets, Tolu Coker, and Erdem showcases a powerful fusion of art and fashion. Absorb this artistry into your home by adorning your walls with appropriately scaled, original, high-quality prints or paintings that resonate with your style. Be inspired by gallery walls in your display of images to create a visually striking arena. Customised wallpapers featuring unique artwork will also transform an entire room and add character. 


Paying homage to the 18th century, with the love of bows, the fun element gracefully graced the runways of Moschino, Simone Rocha, and Sandy Liang, adding an enchanting touch to the pieces. To translate this cute and romantic trend into your home, consider using bow-tied curtains to frame your windows for a dreamy look. Decorative bow-adorned cushions also add a sense of playfulness to your sofas and chairs, making them look more relaxing. For a more subtle nod to this trend, go for bow-patterned wallpapers or prints to frame on your walls.

A more fashionable home

In this vibrant fusion of fashion and interior design inspired by the SS24 runway trends, we’ve explored a world where your living spaces become canvases for self-expression, much like the most exquisite runway creations. As fashion evolves each season, so too can your home décor, reflecting your changing tastes and style.

Think of your living room as a grand fashion show, where the SS24 colours paint your walls in luxurious chocolate brown, electrifying lime green, fiery red, and soothing pastel purple. Materials like leather, sequins, and silk take centre stage, transforming your furniture and textiles into artful statements.

Techniques like subtle, elegant drapery and colour-blocking add depth and drama, and accessories like feathers, captivating images, and bows infuse a whimsical touch. As you embark on this journey of SS24-inspired home transformation, remember that your living space is your personal runway, where your style takes centre stage. So, don’t just design a house; create a fashionable home that tells your unique story with each elegant curve and vibrant hue. It’s your masterpiece, after all.


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