Hertunba’s sustainable fashion symphony: The Sound Wave Collection

Hertunba, a distinctive fashion brand, derives its name from the fusion of ‘Her’ and the Yoruba title ‘Otunba’, symbolising women who exude confidence, style, wisdom, and charisma to excel in any field. This brand doesn’t merely offer clothing; it represents empowerment and sustainability. It provides classy, ready-to-wear attire for ambitious women, ensuring custom sizes to celebrate each woman’s uniqueness. Through Hertunba’s sustainable fashion, it champions the environment by up-cycling 90% of its production waste into wearable art and interior decor. With this, the brand allocates 10% of net profits to fund adult education for less privileged Nigerian women, recognising the vital role of education in empowering mothers to secure a brighter future for their daughters.

Founded by the talented Florentina Agu, our guest editor for this fashion issue, Hertunba’s sustainable fashion has been consistent in its unwavering commitment since its inception. With a passion for fashion and a deep sense of environmental responsibility, Florentina Agu’s brand resonates with fashion enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers. Hertunba stands as a beacon of empowerment and sustainability, blending style with a meaningful mission to protect the planet and women’s futures.

The Sound Wave Collection: A Visual Symphony

On the 30th of September, the brand unveiled its latest masterpiece, inspired by the vibrant and dynamic colours of sound. Aptly christened the Sound Wave Collection, it’s a rich symphony weaving together African fashion and the pulsating hues of music. This collection deftly captures the emotions, energy, and rhythm inherent in music. Each piece harmonises a lively interplay of colours, painting a visual ode to music’s dynamic essence. We are enamoured by the eclectic palette of these artistic creations.

The pieces within the Sound Wave Collection are visually arresting, boasting intricate design elements and distinctively captivating techniques. Hertunba’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices shines through, with the use of up-cycled materials aligning seamlessly with the brand’s mission. In addition, you get to wear uniquely gorgeous pieces while also contributing to sustainable fashion practices.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout pieces from Hertunba’s sustainable fashion collection:

Ijele Dress. Image: Hertunba

Ijele cobalt dress: Made from fine knit upcycled deadstock fabric, this dress combines style and functionality, accentuating curves and height. Carefully placed tassels at the bottom half of the dress mimic the movement of sound, creating an interesting visual effect. 

Rolly Dress. Image: Hertunba

Rolly Osun dress: Inspired by the rich shade of blue found in West African tie and dye techniques, the Rolly Osun dress is a spin-off of Hertunba’s iconic Rolly dress. Its stretchy mesh fabric ensures both comfort and a flattering fit.

Ixora Set. Image: Hertunba

Ixora shell set: Crafted from silk and satin, this set offers luxurious comfort and elegance. The mix-and-match design adds a touch of versatility, allowing creative styling options, and you know we’re all for that.

Biola Cobalt. Image: Hertunba

Biola cobalt: Bridging the gap between fun and vigour, the Biola Cobalt look features a regal high neck design and a crop top length. This piece creates a visually elongating effect with its flowy, long silk satin pants.

Ronti Dress. Image: Hertunba

Ronti dress: Designed for the fashionista who loves to make a statement, the Ronti dress features a boned strapless upper bodice and a threaded bottom half. The details on it add a playful and unique element to this piece.

Akwete Dress. Image: Hertunba

Akwete dress: This sophisticated straight-cut maxi dress showcases traditional African textile and craftsmanship. Its straight-cut and delicate spaghetti straps suit various body types.

Amie Dress. Image: Hertunba

Amie dress: Crafted from a blend of handwoven Akwete and soft cotton fabric, this dress fuses elegance and heritage. The upper bodice hugs the form like a fitted t-shirt, creating a flattering fit, while the voluminous skirt pays homage to cultural heritage by referencing masquerades.

Achebe Dress. Image: Hertunba

Achebe tunic dress: A testament to sustainable fashion, this tunic is crafted from a patchwork of upcycled Akwete fabric, minimising waste in production and embracing eco-friendly practices. We love it for its casual feel.

Lulu Suit. Image: Hertunba

Lulu suit: Who doesn’t love a good suit? This slick corset-inspired suit features meticulously tailored cigarette pants paired with a peplum double-breasted blazer. This outfit effortlessly communicates luxury with its sleek look. 

Aima Dress. Image: Hertunba

Aima dress: Designed to accentuate individual elegance, this off-white dress features a padded upper bodice and bishop collar. We love the sophisticated and regal aura.

Ehizogie Suit. Image: Hertunba

Ehizogie suit: When a skirt suit is done right, it easily rivals a classic pantsuit. This two-piece skirt suit embodies a suave style, featuring a short-sleeved crop coat paired elegantly with a midi skirt.

Ada Two Piece. Image: Hertunba

Ada two-piece: An ensemble for the fashion-savvy working woman seeking an effortless yet striking look crafted for comfort and a timeless appearance. The asymmetrical top is our favourite detail. 

Akweke Kaftan. Image: Hertunba

Akweke kaftan: Kaftans are still very much trendy, and Hertunba spins a graceful twist on this. This piece is designed to drape on the body, providing a flattering and flowing silhouette. A kaftan is perfect for comfort, allowing ease of movement and a relaxed fit.

Hertunba’s Sound Wave Collection doesn’t just make a fashion statement; it composes a symphony of culture, individuality, and sustainability. Each piece within this collection is a chapter in a captivating story, and we believe it’s a story worth wearing. These garments aren’t just attire but also a wearable narrative of empowerment, art, and a brighter, more sustainable future.

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