The secret to having the perfect Galentines Day

As a serially single person on every Valentine’s Day I’ve witnessed, I’ve perfected the art of making Valentine’s Day about me and my girls. Now, you might be wondering, “Single every year?” Yes, and don’t ask about it.

Galentines mean more to me than the regular holiday seasons because I spend a little extra time with my girls while letting them know their importance to me. While it’s technically not a holiday season, we can all agree that it is a significant day for many couples and “throuples,” (if that’s your thing). However, for single girlies who treat platonic relationships with the utmost respect, Galentines is where it’s at!

… here’s the secret!

Treat your girls like you’re in love with them

Why do you have friends if you’re not head over heels in love with them? Contrary to popular opinion, platonic female friendships should be valued equally, if not more than romantic relationships. You might ask, “Aren’t romantic relationships much more intimate than platonic ones?” Well, it depends on the value placed and the longevity of the friendship.

A platonic relationship might’ve lasted 10 years, and a romantic one for a few months. If the romantic partner leaves, your friend is more likely to stick with you through the separation process and, after it, as you move on to another romantic relationship. This literally means that through thick or thin, your platonic relationships are likely going to be with you all your life (except if you’re not good with friends, then I don’t know what to tell you—fix up, I guess)

Platonic relationships might not get sexual; however, I believe that romance strongly applies to all types of relationships, and when you love or are deeply in love, it is important that you treat your friends like you love them.

How do you do this?

  1. Date them

  2. Buy gifts

  3. Reassure them

  4. Celebrate them

  5. Listen to them

  6. Allocate time to spend with them

How to have the perfect Galentines Day

Pick a theme

A theme will only make it even better like everything that is perfect. Pick a theme and ensure everyone sticks with it! Whether it is a picnic, brunch, dinner date, or anything adventurous, having colour and dress codes makes it all the better.

Send out personalised invitations

A little bougie has never harmed anyone. Create personalised invitations using Canva or any design app of your preference and send them out to your girls to let them prepare for Galentines Day. Your invitations should have the theme, location, and general idea of what you will do on Galentines Day.

Friendship games

When the day arrives, start with a few friendship games before leading up to the main event. Whether it’s friendship quizzes, DIY tasks, or truth or dare, a good game will certainly set the mood for the day.

Gifts from the heart

A good gifting session with you and all your girls can help strengthen the bond while saying the words “I love you.” With gifts, you get to say that and much more, depending on their thoughtfulness and necessity.


The perfect galentines always ends in a sleepover. Don’t ask me how I know; I just do. Set up to spend the night together while you talk and give each other updates on your lives, schedules, and everything girly, but don’t forget to have a fantastic time!

With careful thought and effort, you can be on your way to having the perfect Galentines Day. Don’t hold back; give your friends all your love this Valentine’s Day.


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