Take a peek into Marie Claire Nigeria’s Valentine Wishlist!

As the ‘season of love’ has finally arrived, our curiosity about the desires of the Marie Claire Nigeria (MCN) team is piqued. We’re delving into their Valentine’s Day plans and what they secretly wish for from their significant others.

While some may brush off Valentine’s Day as mere commercialism, it’s a meaningful occasion eagerly awaited each year by others. So, let’s uncover the excitement and anticipation brewing within our team members as they prepare for this special day!

Ugochi Anyawu, Business Development Manager

“I’ve never really experienced gifting on Valentine’s. That’s the day I worked the most because of my retail background. I enjoy curating the gifts for the lovebirds but never actually thought about the day for myself, and this year, thankfully, I’m not curating; it would be nice to be loved and gifted.

So, I would like a bouquet from Flower Shop ng (tulips, yellow& pink roses, and baby breath), a Panthere de Cartier wristwatch (small or medium), a Saint Laurent Sac de jour (mini), a trip to the Maldives, and something from my Christmas wish list.”

Coco Anetor-Sokei, Content Editor

“I will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th. However, I plan to visit Cotonou, Togo, and Ghana on the 16th. That will be a self-love trip for me, and that is how I will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.”

Chiamaka Dike, Features Editor

“Valentine’s Day for me is Ash Wednesday. After I take the ash, I will do a lot of personal reflection on the essence of life while I work. For my wishlist, I am sticking to my Christmas wishlist for Adire pieces in any form. Whether it’s a two-piece skirt or dress, I want it! I would definitely like a wig from Amakashairfordays and any dress from Zephans.”

Efua Claire Jobi-Taiwo, Fashion and Beauty Editor

“On Valentine’s Day, I will be braiding my hair and working. There’s potential for dinner with the husband at the end of the day. I got him a little gift, so if he gets me a gift, too, I’ll also be receiving gifts. On my wishlist, though, I would like to have bottomless mimosas and sushi on a private beach with Lucky Daye, Ari Lennox, and Big Wiz on shuffle. All by myself!!!! I don’t even want my husband or son with me. I just wanna love on me and reread Eghosa Imasuen’s “Fine Boys.”

Mosadoluwa Akinjobi, Video Editor

I’m sticking with a few things on my Christmas wishlist, like the PlayStation 5. A new addition this time, like the Dji 2S Drone. Since everyone said I am way too expensive, I wouldn’t mind a weekend getaway to anywhere with good food, great views and no work for three days.

Nonso Ukpebor, Creative Designer

I have a date planned out for my fiancee and me this year. However, on my Valentine’s wishlist is the DELL ALIENWARE M16 R1, CORE I9-13900HX,4TB SSD/64GB RAM,16GB RTX 4090,16″ FHD+ DISPLAY, WIN 11 PRO. Very specific, I know, but the specs are to die for.

Oshorena Ogwanighie, Fashion and Beauty Writer

Valentine’s Day is also Ash Wednesday, so I will collect Ash and keep the day holy. I’ve never had a Valentine, but I would love to get a giant pink teddy bear this year.

Grace Hans-Bello, Lifestyle and Culture Writer

Like every other year, I will spend my day alone this year. I will also be working because Valentine’s Day falls on a work day. However, on my Valentine’s wishlist, I am hoping for a Curio Class gift card to go wild with my jewellery picks this year. I have also had my eyes on a Shobikan Bucket Bag for a while now, so it’s a must-have for me.

Fejiro Ubueme, Human Resource Manager

I will be working on Valentine’s Day but will take a very long nap right after. On my wishlist, I have a Mercedes Benz because, why not, cash because the economy isn’t great and an unlimited supply of ice cream and goat meat.

Imoleayo Odedare, Human Resource Assistant

I don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day because it is a workday, but I do have a few things on my wishlist. I would love to have the Zande pearl set from July The 07th and a new iPhone. Preferably the X series.



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