Mastering the art of being a true girl’s girl in 2024

a girl's girl

2024 is here!! It is time to begin implementing all your resolutions for the new year. While some of your resolutions might be career, health, or finance-oriented, Today, we’re only going to dive into your friendship resolutions. Regarding friendships and relationships, things can get a tad hectic because of the differences in personalities and childhood orientation. Still, when it comes to being a girl’s girl, it is pretty straightforward.

Who is a girl’s girl?

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A girl’s girl is a woman who sees, acts, and defends the interests of women and girls, regardless of all misogynistic and patriarchal standards. According to Urban Dictionary, she is someone who has respect for female etiquette. A girl who is not petty and strives to be ethical and decent in her dealings with her female friends.

As long as you’re a girl, you should strive to be a girl’s girl regardless of the challenge it poses, especially in society.

Why do you need to be a girl’s girl?

I chatted with five incredible women, and they passionately shared their perspectives on the significance of embracing sisterhood and why they proudly uphold the essence of being ‘a girl’s girl.’

Adesuwa, a 26-year-old communications strategist, described being a girl’s girl as part of a tribe you can trust always to have your back. She said that being a girl’s girl means having people you know you can be your true self around without facing judgment.

“It’s like being around people that feel like a ray of sunshine.”

Akpevba Precious, a 21-year-old writer, loves the feeling of support without judgment from other girls.

“The fact that the girlies will always be there for me and I for them is what I love the most. I especially love how easy it is to freely express yourself expecting judgement just to discover that the girlies understand.”

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Rukevwe, 21, stated that being a girl’s girl is important because girls need to have each other’s backs.

“As girls, we are hardly acknowledged and seen as important by men, so girls need to lift each other.”

Being a girl’s girl means everything to 20-year-old Debbie, but most of all, it means having a community, even with strangers.

“Being a girl’s girl is knowing you’ll always have partners to help you because they’ve most likely been in your shoes. Being a girl’s girl is not having to deal with jealousy or insecurities because you have other queens to hype you up. Being a girl’s girl is cosy, full of giggles and jokes that only “us girls” would get.”

For Amina, aged 22, being a girl’s girl means seeing yourself in all the women around you and understanding them.

“To me, it’s the sense of being surrounded by people similar to you in many ways.”

Being a girl’s girl is essential because, as women, we are privy to limited professional and societal opportunities. As a result, we are forced to rely on the provisions available to us. However, if there are women in high corporate positions who also happen to be girl’s girls, women can have better chances at succeeding in the corporate world.

“If a man and woman have equal qualifications for a job, I consider the woman first when picking the perfect candidate. I always find opportunities to put a woman on and make myself available to support NGOs that empower them.” – Cynthia Nwaru.

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How to be a girl’s girl

If you’re wondering, “How can I be a girl’s girl?” look no further. With these easy tips, you can begin your journey to nurturing lifetime friendships with your girls and every girl you encounter.

Stick to the girl code

The girl code is simple: Exes and partners are off-limits, check in on your friends when they go out on dates, keep secrets, and always be honest with your girls. Sticking to the girl code is a simple show of loyalty to your girlfriends and is the first step on your journey.

No judgement

When a girl tells you a secret or a situation they were involved in, it is essential not to be judgemental but rather be understanding and offer sound advice.

Girls come first

To be a girl’s girl means in every societal situation or dilemma that involves a woman, you must stand in solidarity with the woman. Offer women opportunities first and allow them to speak about their issues when needed.

Give a compliment

A good compliment at any given time can uplift your mood and improve your day. Give a compliment when you see fit, tell a girl she looks good, and boost her confidence.

Help a girl out

If you’re at the club, at the bus stop, in a public bathroom, or any public space and you happen to meet a girl who needs help, try to help however you can. Help a girl watch her drink in the club, keep an extra pad or tampon in your bag, keep a girl company at a bus stop when it’s late, and look out for the girls around you.

Give an ear and a shoulder

Whenever necessary, always provide a listening ear to a girl and a shoulder to cry on when needed. Be ready to hold her hand through tough times and encourage her when possible.

Essentially, being a girl’s girl means being ready to protect, support, and stand for the next girl. Surround yourself with girl’s girls and get into the culture of healthy female friendships all through 2024.


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