Master the five-minute makeup routine with Celina Kama!- #MyBeautyHack

Celina Kama’s journey from beauty enthusiast to full-time content creator is a story of genuine passion and dedication. She started with short tutorials and now runs a successful YouTube channel where she shares her life, beauty tips, skincare, makeup tricks, and personal growth insights while building a supportive community.

Celina Kama’s journey began in 2018 when she used skincare and makeup tutorials as a way to cope with the loss of her father. These early videos became her sanctuary and set the stage for her online presence.

What truly warms her heart is the incredible community she’s built, filled with supporters who genuinely want to see her thrive.

Like many of us, Celina faced financial constraints when she started. But in a heartwarming twist, her sister stepped in, providing support and the necessary equipment to kickstart her career. It’s a powerful reminder that with a bit of help from our loved ones, we can achieve our dreams.

As she says, success as a beauty content creator requires consistency and discipline. Celina struggled with this early on but committed herself to providing valuable content for her audience. Maintaining a consistent presence brought great results, turning her passion into a vibrant community.

In this episode of My Beauty Hack, Celina Kama generously shares her quick 5-minute makeup routine, complete with her favourite products and lip care tips. It’s a peek into her world and her genuine love for beauty.

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Uncover sunscreen- Celina Kama's skin prep.
Image: Uncover
  • The most crucial step is skin prep, and Celina usually starts her routine with serums, moisturiser and sunscreen

Uncover sunscreen

Yanga beauty blenderImage: Yanga Beauty
  • For a quick routine like Celina’s five-minute look, a beauty blender is a lifesaver

Yanga beauty blender 

Bronzer- Celina Kama's beauty hack
Image: Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Celina opts for bronzer instead of contour because it is warmer on the skin and easier to blend

ABH bronzer

ABH- Brow Freeze
Image: Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • To hack this quick five-minute routine, apply your brow freeze in an upward-sideways-downward-upward motion.

ABH brow freeze 

Image: Black Up
  • For a balanced finished look, Celina’s hot tip is to apply your blush before concealer

Black up duo blush and highlighter

ABH concealer- Celina Kama's beauty hack
Image: Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Choose a concealer that’s easy to blend and has full coverage. When blending, begin with the other parts of your face before the under eyes to allow the concealer to rest. Make sure you’re looking up while concealing the under-eye.

ABH concealer

Nars Foundation- Beauty Hack products
Image: NARS
  • Keep it simple with your foundation. For Celina, half a pump of foundation works perfectly for the darker parts of her face.
  • The best way to set the face for a quick routine is to do it before blush and set it again afterwards.

MAC Studio face powder

Zaron Mascara-
Image: Zaron
  • Celina advises the use of mascara on your bottom lashes regardless of whether you have lash extensions or not.

Zaron flash mascara

Image: Honey Beauty
  • To highlight her eyes, Celina likes to add a gold eye colour to the inner corners of her eyes.

Honey beauty palette 

Image: Zaron

Zaron luxurious lipgloss

  • Celina’s perfect lip combo is simple – eye pencil to line, nude lipstick in the middle, lipgloss to blend it all.


Image: Clinique

Clinique nude lipstick 

Black up eye pencil 

Watch Celina Kama’s beauty hack to watch her five-minute makeup routine and learn more about her journey as a content creator.


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