Choose 1 out of 5 little monsters to test your survival index in the workplace

Choose 1 out of these 5 little monsters to test your survival index in the face of internal strife in the workplace

What does a “monster” look like in everyone’s minds? Which little monster are you more like in the workplace? Use your intuition to choose one!

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1. Three-eyed green-faced little monster

2. One-horned little monster

3. Faceless little monster

4. Slimy little monster

5. Eight-legged little monster


1. You who choose “three-eyed green-faced little monster”
Built-in very sensitive workplace radar

Workplace Survival Index 75

If you choose 1, you are very careful and agile at work. Not only do you have a very sensitive workplace radar, you can see the direction of the wind and do things, and you also know how to observe faces and talk to people.

However, your intelligence does not stop there! Many times, you will weigh your efforts at work and your salary. Although it is not a fuss, you will never make a loss-making transaction or fight an uncertain battle!

Under such excessive calculation, your heart will be more careful than others. People are more flexible and often have half-heartedness at low times. Although as long as you want this income, you can exert your extreme survivability, but you are often overwhelmed by the unstable self in your heart. Defeated, it is difficult to accumulate experience in the same environment.

2. You who choose “One-horned Little Monster”
Resolute and strong, with the ambition to fight to the end

Workplace Survival Index 80

Work is not only a living but also a stage for your performance! If you choose 2, you are ambitious and competitive in the workplace. If coupled with excellent stress resistance, you can often climb up from a rookie, even if it is hard.

You can stick to perseverance and with the accumulation of experience create his situations in the workspace. But I also want to remind you that in addition to doing things, you also need to know how to be a human being. Although you are perseverant and willing to work hard, you lack a bit of tact and softness, and it is easier to lose your composure. When encountering twists and turns in things, it is easy to get upset. Impetuousness is also a major weakness in your career life.

3. You who choose “faceless little monster”
Always wearing the protective golden bell of a low-key tool man

Workplace Survival Index 85

No matter how experienced you are at work now, you have long been accustomed to the helpless and world-weary conditions in the workplace, and you can always strike a balance between making money and dignity! In the workplace, you know that warmth contains light. The principle is you usually keep a low profile and do not show your position easily. Even when surrounded by enemies, you can still stay on the edge safely and have an excellent ability to survive in the workplace.

Because you are always wise and foolish, look silly and non-threatening, you can make people put down their guard against others, and you are not easy to be targeted. Maybe it is not obvious from your appearance how astute you are in the workplace, but your excellent reaction ability can always be demonstrated promptly when a crisis occurs.

4. You who choose “Slimy Slime Monster”
Slick and slippery, losing a bit of confidence and aura

Workplace Survival Index 70

The workplace is a microcosm of society, and the people you meet in the workplace are like heroes from all walks of life you meet in the world! If you choose 4, you have a lively side, like to make friends, and you are also interested in people (and gossip).

You are curious, and the workplace is an environment where you are more fun than depressed. With your slippery and clever traits, you can be said to be a good communicator and gossip information centre at work!

Although there is always a lively atmosphere wherever you are, you lack a little self-confidence at work and are highly dependent. When you need to be independent or make decisive decisions, you will inevitably appear indecisive. Naturally, your chances of salary increase and promotion are less than others!

5. You who choose “Eight-legged Little Monster”
Workplace flash mob with oiled soles of feet

Workplace Survival Index 65

Working hard in a workplace is like a battlefield, many people think that the winner is the one who can smile until the end. But for those who choose 5, being able to freely come and go in the entire big society is the key to survival. If the working environment cannot accommodate you, you won’t be too attached to it! Therefore, work for you is not just about making money. Many times you will want to work and live like this, and look forward to spending every day comfortably and happily.

If you feel a little unsatisfied in the workplace or are dissatisfied with a supervisor, a certain company, or a certain company system, your life will likely feel like a waste of time and you will have the idea of ​​​​looking for another career. Compared with others, you will be the first to dodge, but not necessarily first. The one who wins!


This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Taiwan
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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