Nicole Chikwe shares her go-to hack for a youthful, lifted look – #MyBeautyHack

For this week’s Beauty Hack, Nicole Chikwe, a dedicated content creator and co-host of the popular motherhood podcast “Mommy Mayhem,”  shares a glimpse into her beauty routine along with one of her favourite makeup hacks. Balancing multiple roles, Nicole continues to inspire her audience with practical tips and a sense of community.

Nicole Chikwe is the epitome of ageless beauty, radiating an effortless, girl-next-door charm that we all admire. Her down-to-earth style and natural glow make her a relatable icon. Nicole’s beauty routine is about simple yet effective tips anyone can follow, and she shares many of these secrets on her social media pages, showing us that achieving a youthful, lifted look doesn’t have to be complicated. We also love that her tips are perfect for busy women looking to feel confident and fabulous every day.

Mommy Mayhem” has garnered an enthusiastic response from listeners, confirming what Nicole has always believed—women are deeply seeking a sense of community. The podcast’s success highlights the importance of connection and support, especially among mothers. Nicole emphasizes the value of finding a tribe of like-minded individuals who provide encouragement and understanding.

Get a face lift with Nicole Chickwe!

Nicole shares how makeup application evolves with age. Traditionally, contouring the hollows of the cheeks was a go-to technique for a youthful look. However, Nicole suggests a slight adjustment for a more lifted appearance as one gets older.

Step 1: Apply contour along your natural cheekbone line. This simple change creates an instant lifting effect.

Step 2: Follow this with a touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending everything seamlessly. The result is a snatched and lifted look that is perfect for any occasion.

Step 3: Blend well and finish with a light layer of foundation powder to achieve a smooth and flawless finish.



This easy yet effective hack helps her feel camera-ready, whether she’s recording a podcast episode or going about her day.


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