How to wear the hottest street style trends from Lagos Fashion Week 2023

Lagos Fashion Week street style

Street style is one of the most exciting highlights of Lagos Fashion Week. It’s that time when the bustling streets of Nigeria’s fashion capital turn into a runway of incredible personal style, boundless creativity, and a celebration of individual expression.

While the main runway showcases meticulously curated collections, the street style scene becomes a vibrant carnival where fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and trendsetters proudly display their unique takes on style. This year, the Federal Palace Hotel was the epicentre of all the action, hosting a mix of runway shows, street-style photography sessions, and branded photo booths courtesy of LFW sponsors, creating a kaleidoscope of fashion festivities.

As the on and off-site runway shows kicked off, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement, echoing international fashion trends of the season. As we predicted in our Lagos Fashion Week trend forecasts, the streets came alive with an enchanting fusion of ruffles, playful prints, sheer fabrics, and a lively colour palette featuring shades of green, pink, red, and timeless black.

An exciting development we couldn’t miss was the growing number of stylish men embracing the street-style movement. Witnessing the personalities of our fashion creatives shine through their outfit choices is always a breath of fresh air, and our team from Marie Claire Nigeria was there to capture these captivating moments.

So, let’s dive into the top street-style trends from Lagos Fashion Week 2023.

Trends that ruled the street style at Lagos Fashion Week

Radiant hues:

Bright colours like pink, green, blue, and red flooded the streets, bringing vibrancy to the Lagos fashion week. To adopt this trend, pair a bold fuchsia blouse with high-waisted, forest-green trousers for a head-turning outfit. Or, opt for a striking red monochromatic look. For a slightly minimal statement outfit, a sky-blue blazer will instantly elevate your simple white tee and denim ensemble.

Earthy elegance:

Rich brown hues dominated Lagos Fashion Week’s street style. Embrace this trend with a terracotta maxi dress and neutral accessories paired with a wide-brimmed hat and leather sandals for an elegant look. Opt for a brown power suit for a chic corporate outfit. Create contrast with a sage green skirt and cream-coloured blouse for a refreshing, nature-inspired ensemble.

Classic black:


Black, a timeless and versatile classic, took centre stage this year. Mastering this trend is a breeze. For a chic urban vibe, slip into a black jumpsuit and accessorize with bold statement pieces. If you’re in the mood for an edgy twist, layer a black leather jacket over slouchy black trousers. For a sophisticated evening ensemble, choose a black wrap dress paired with metallic heels.

Denim delight:

denim @jenniferuwa
denim @sweetietams_photography.webp

Denim reigned supreme on the streets this year. Opt for a denim jumpsuit for a versatile style that suits casual outings and dressier occasions. To achieve that timeless denim look, layer a denim jacket over a summer dress, or go for the double denim vibe with fitted pants and a chambray shirt.

Sheer sensation:

sheer @ekiogunbor
sheer @saskay

Sheer clothing hinted at sophisticated sensuality and offered endless creative layering possibilities on the streets of Lagos Fashion Week. To embrace this trend, layer a sheer blouse over a bralette and team it with tailored shorts. For a romantic evening look, opt for a sheer maxi dress with a stylish slip underneath. Achieving sheer elegance involves finding the right balance between translucent and solid pieces.

Radiant ruffles: 

ruffles- princessdaprada by @iam_johnokhay

Ruffles brought a playful and romantic flair to the streets of Lagos Fashion Week, capturing attention with their charming allure. To make this trend your own, don a ruffled off-the-shoulder top, beautifully paired with wide-leg trousers. For a romantic touch, opt for a ruffled midi skirt matched with a fitted top, creating an understated yet adorable ensemble. Experiment further by combining a ruffled blouse with skinny jeans for an effortlessly stylish look.

Other street style trends to inspire your wardrobe choices

Fringe fest:

fringe fash_nuella
fringe vbw_riakosher

Fringe details injected dynamic movement and rhythm into Lagos Fashion Week’s street style. Jump into this exciting trend by pairing a fringed suede jacket with a white tee and denim skirt or pants for a classic rocker look. To channel a boho-chic vibe, opt for a fringe vest paired with a floral maxi skirt – a fantastic choice. And for a memorable night out, a fringe dress guarantees you’ll be the center of attention.

Knit revival:

knit chimmiboy

Knitwear once considered conservative, took a fashionable turn with modern designs and styling, many thanks to our knit designers. Gone are the days when they were reserved for the beach only; with so many creative designs seen at the LagosFW, there are fun ways to incorporate this into your style. Slip on a chunky knit sweater over a pleated skirt for an effortless autumn look. Or opt for a knitted co-ord set, a cropped sweater and a matching midi skirt for a casual day out with friends. Alternatively, try layering a lightweight knit cardigan over a summer dress to transition it into the cooler months.

Power blazers:

blazer oliviaarukwe
blazer @macimagen

Blazers are versatile statement pieces, and we saw them dressed up and down on the streets of the LagosFW. As a wardrobe staple, your black blazer adds sophistication to a variety of outfits. An effortless look is to pair it on jeans and a graphic tee with loafers or heels. For a work look, pair your plaid blazer with tailored trousers and to make an elegant fashion statement, a bright-coloured blazer on your little black dress is a fabulous best choice.

Print party:

print @loluphotography_ @eniafemomodu

Prints reigned supreme on the street style trends list this year as they offer a canvas for individuality through unique patterns and designs. A floral wrap dress is a perfect transition piece through the seasons.  For a fashionable look, pair a leopard-print skirt with a simple white blouse and if you love edgy looks,  experiment with mixed prints like stripes and polka dots.

Tweed twist:

Nothing speaks timeless sophistication like tweed. With brands like Imad Eduso playing with tweed jackets, pants and skirts, we saw quite a number of tweed pieces make the top street style look this year. Keep it classic with a tweed blazer in earth tones paired with fitted trousers and a tucked-in silk blouse. Or, for a more casual take, a tweed skirt with a crisp white shirt gets the job done. Finish your look with boots, gorgeous sandals or comfortable sneakers.

These adaptable street style trends will inspire your daily outfit choices. Be adventurous and mix and match to nail your own street-style look.

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