We’re predicting the top 10 trends at the 2023 Lagos Fashion Week

Lagos is gearing up for its fashion season, and in true MC style, we are predicting the top fashion trends to be seen at this year’s Lagos Fashion Week. More than a fashion event, Lagos Fashion Week (LagosFW) is a cultural phenomenon, and as the event approaches, we’re buzzing with excitement. 

Lagos Fashion Week provides a platform for fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders to immerse themselves in creativity and innovation. Drawing from my past electrifying experiences at Lagos Fashion Week, I’m talking of the street style that shows people’s interpretations of trends and runways pulsating with well-crafted and imaginative clothing. 

The excitement is palpable as we await this year’s Lagos Fashion Week, scheduled for October 25th to 28th. In addition to designers showcasing at the main shows, others will host private shows and have already hinted at the top trends we should expect to witness.  Top brands like Imad Eduso, Andrea Iyamah, Odio Mimonet, Kilentar, Fia factory, Orire, and more have already unveiled new collections, and we are taking cues from the recurring trends. 

In anticipation of the style revelations about to hit the runway shows and street style, here are ten fashion trends we expect. 

Trends on the horizon: a fashionable forecast

While the runway trends might be more challenging to predict, fashion is a universal language if the international fashion weeks are anything to go by. With this, our predictions will echo the runways and, more importantly, street-style looks.

‘I think the street style this year will be versatile, with minimalists and maximalists alike. I’m expecting Y2K fashion, layering, accessorising, and a splash of glamour. It’s going to be colourful too! And that’s my favourite part.’ Joy Akhigbe, a model and entrepreneur, says. 

LagosFW has a knack for capturing the zeitgeist of Nigerian fashion and the global fashion scene. So, what can we expect?

Lagos Fashion Week trend predictions

Pleats: Pleats are remarkably versatile and offer structured elegance or playful fluidity, making them suitable for various occasions. Expect innovative pleat styles at Lagos Fashion Week, including pleated jumpsuits and asymmetrical pleated skirts, giving this classic trend a fresh twist.

Lagos Fashion Week Trend Watch- Marie Claire Nigeria
Image: Andrea Iyamah

Sequins: What’s not to love about sequins? Silver sequins bring sparkle and glamour to any outfit with exciting and bold statements. They graced the runways of Area, Giorgio Armani, and Rabanne at the international fashion weeks. ‘I can’t wait to see the Metallic and Silver trends at the Lagos fashion week, and this plays right into it’, Fola Francis anticipates. 

We would love to see the Lagos Fashion Week runways and streets shimmer and shine with creative pieces.  

Sequins LFW Trend Watch- Marie Claire Nigeria
Image: Vicnate
Lagos Fashion Week Trend Watch- Marie Claire Nigeria
Image: Life with Koko via Instagram

Custom prints: Custom prints are a canvas for a designer’s unique vision, transforming each piece into a work of art. These prints reflect creativity and individuality in storytelling, which is distinctive to each brand. At Lagos Fashion Week, expect custom prints to narrate brand, cultural, and identity stories, bridging fashion and art.

Image: Atafo
Lagos Fashion Week Trend Watch- Marie Claire Nigeria
Image: Atafo

Colours: beige/latte brown, pink, royal blue and red:  Lagos Fashion Week would be a burst of colours this season. Beige and latte brown, with their timeless versatility, would inspire chic monochromatic looks and creative layering. Pink, ranging from soft blush to vibrant fuchsia, would add a touch of optimism and self-expression to power suits and athleisure wear. Royal blue, exuding regal sophistication, would dominate the runways with evening gowns and tailored suits and the streets with skirt sets and short dresses. Red, as seen on International runways, promises fiery ensembles.

Image: Bukola Ogunyemi via Atafo
Lagos Fashion Week Trend Watch- Marie Claire Nigeria
Image: Ejiro Amos-Tafiri

Silk: Silk is a luxurious and sensual element that offers outfits a soft, delicate touch. We expect the creative styling of silk blouses, fluid dresses, drapes and tailored suits that represent sophistication and effortless style.

Lagos Fashion Week Trend Watch- Marie Claire Nigeria
Image: Kilentar
Image: Vicnate NG

Checkers’ motif: This pattern projects a classic appeal and the ability to evoke nostalgia. We predict creative interpretations of checkered patterns in shirts, dresses, coats, and accessories on the LagosFW streets and runway.

Lagos Fashion Week Trend Watch- Marie Claire Nigeria
Image: FIA Factory
Image: The Kente Gentlemen

Linen: Linen is a breathable and comfortable fabric perfect for warm weather while maintaining style. What’s captivating about linen is its versatile ability to transition from day to night. We look forward to linen sets and dresses showcasing sophistication on the Lagos Fashion Week streets and runway.

Image: FIA Factory

Ruffles: Ruffles add drama and dimension, infusing playfulness and romance into fashion. Beloved for their whimsical charm and ability to create eye-catching, dynamic silhouettes, we expect to see ruffled blouses, dresses, and skirts in innovative, contemporary designs at Lagos Fashion Week.

Lagos Fashion Week Trend Watch- Marie Claire Nigeria
Image: Kadiju
Image: Chioma Mmeje via Lulla House

Minimal aesthetic: The minimal aesthetic focuses on simplicity, clean lines, and understated elegance. Some call it a new money aesthetic because of its timelessness and subtle detailing. As Lagos Fashion Week nears, expect minimalist pieces emphasising impeccable tailoring and quality materials.

Image: Knanfe

Sheer: We are set to embrace the sensuality and mystique of sheer fabrics, a trend that has taken the Fashion Week runways by storm globally. Designers like Roberto Cavalli and Simone Rocha have already championed this trend, and we can expect LagosFW to follow suit.

Image: Alexander McQueen
Image: Zimmerman

The trends we anticipate for this year’s Lagos Fashion Week are a testament to the industry’s ever-changing landscape. As the event unfolds, we’ll witness these trends take centre stage, and we can’t wait to share the excitement with you.


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