How do you spice up your life as a couple to avoid routine?

The same foreplay, positions, and sexual relations which are rarer… routine can extinguish eroticism, even love, in a fraction of a second. To avoid succumbing to it, bring a dose of spice to your life together by doubling your imagination. Start by getting out of your comfort zone that is the bed to try unexplored places: the shower, the office table, etc.

To increase the pleasure tenfold, try sex toys for two. Intimate toys are an alternative to adopt to vary classic foreplay. They are also a way of discovering each other. To complement their use, try new positions, naughty games and stock up on sexy lingerie. Take the lead!

Shake up the routine: communicate, improvise and make plans

Communication at a standstill, mechanical intimate relationships or a daily life punctuated by habits, routine has certainly set in. Fortunately, it’s quite simple to fix.

After several months, or even several years of relationship, you have gotten used to each other and talking has become superfluous. To get away from routine, learn to communicate again. Remember the endless discussions that animated your first weeks of relationship? Talk about anything and everything, including sharing about your day, even if no special events are planned. Why not take the opportunity to talk about the love you have for each other?

To break the routine, consider maintaining or reviving the glamour in your relationship. Keep in mind the idea of ​​seducing your partner daily.

spice up relationship
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To avoid putting your relationship in danger because of routine and your current pace of life, make room for improvisation. Surprise your partner! Go for a trip for two, prepare a romantic dinner or give him unusual gifts.

Joint projects are part of the foundations of a fulfilling life as a couple. It could be buying a house, taking a trip, organising your wedding or something else. However, make sure your choice does not become an additional source of tension within your relationship. Consider your partner’s choices or preferences.

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