Behind the scenes of ‘SHE Must Be Obeyed’: An exclusive conversation with Funke Akindele and Waje

SHE Must Be Obeyed

Yearning for the top spot is something every entertainer craves, but SHE wants more than just dominance. SHE Must Be Obeyed, the captivating mini-series, which premiered on September 29th, takes a deep dive into the tantalising and shadowy secrets of the music world.

Featuring notable names like Waje, Patience Ozokwo, Veeiye, Nancy Isime, Adunni Ade, and more, this 5-part series fearlessly tackles the unspoken issues plaguing the music industry. From the harsh realities of bullying and exploitative music contracts to the ego-driven power struggles and cutthroat rivalries, it leaves no stone unturned.

In an exclusive chat with Waje and the film’s producer and lead actress, Funke Akindele, they shine a light on the complex and often tricky music industry. They discuss how artists’ relentless pursuit of fame and recognition, often without proper contract scrutiny, can set the stage for potential disasters.

“There is a message for everyone in SHE Must Be Obeyed, especially for young women who are thirsty for fame and recognition… it is important to have someone review your contracts line by line to help you fully grasp what you are getting into and that is what SHE Must Be Obeyed, is here for.” 

SHE Must Be Obeyed cast

The art of self-discovery through character transformation

Amid the vibrant music scene, where the spotlight casts its most luminous glow, two remarkable artists embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery through character transformation.

Funke Akindele, a seasoned film producer, divulges her intriguing preparation process and how she breathes life into her character while conveying the show’s profound messages. With a remarkable degree of humility, she confides, “I’ve always had a passion for singing, but I’m not a professional. So, I had to delve deep, learning and reshaping myself to step into my character’s shoes.” The script served as her roadmap, yet she also immersed herself in her past, revisiting memories of bullies from her school days. Why? Because her character, SHE, personifies a bully – an individual driven by narcissism and a relentless thirst for power. To authentically embody SHE, Funke tapped into her personal experiences.

“I love X Cite. She brought out a side of me that wants to be daring and try new things. She made me push myself more as a brand and explore myself more.”

Waje, a gifted artist, faced a distinct challenge. She embraced the role of X-Cite, a character that starkly contrasts her real-life persona, both as an individual and as a musician. “X-Cite is a world away from who I am,” Waje confides, “She’s vibrant, sometimes even verging on vulgarity.” The true challenge was bringing this character to life while preserving her identity. Waje attributes her success in this transformative endeavour to the unwavering support of her fellow cast members, the creative crew, and her steadfast friends, who guided her through this intricate journey of artistic exploration.

“…it’s not just about the competition; it’s about how we navigate it that truly defines us.”

The undercurrents of fierce competition in the music industry

SHE Must Be Obeyed pulses with the rhythm of competition, an intense undercurrent coursing through the music industry. Funke Akindele and Waje dive headlong into unravelling this compelling theme. Funke, her gaze carrying a depth of understanding, states with conviction, “Competition is the lifeblood of every industry, infusing it with vitality and excitement. But it’s not just about the competition; it’s about how we navigate it that truly defines us.” She delves into the intricate layers of SHE’s character, portraying the dark side of rivalry, where personal success sometimes takes a toll on others. Funke Akindele and her team aspired to unmask the authentic face of competition while firmly advocating against harmful practices.

 “People love to see entertainers on stage doing their thing and helping them create moments, but sometimes they forget we are human beings and get carried away with the glitz and glam.”

Waje offers her perspective, emphasising that to instigate change within any industry, individuals must first confront what unsettles them within that space. She shines a spotlight on the complexities of her character, X-Cite, who, while championing emerging artists, also harbours some narcissistic tendencies. Their mission transcends criticism; it’s about illuminating alternative paths to address industry challenges without resorting to bullying.

Funke Akindele - SHE Must Be Obeyed

SHE Must Be Obeyed redefines women’s roles in entertainment 

SHE Must Be Obeyed is akin to a seismic shift, dismantling stereotypes entrenched within the entertainment industry. It unearths multi-dimensional female characters who challenge convention. Funke Akindele ardently champions this theme, affirming that the show exposes women’s raw struggles and triumphs in the industry. Beyond the glitz and glamour, SHE Must Be Obeyed offers an unfiltered look at the human side of these women – their vulnerabilities and indomitable spirit. It’s not about reinforcing stereotypes but deconstructing them and replacing them with authenticity.

Waje adds her voice to this narrative, emphasising that the public often sees only the polished façade of entertainers, missing the arduous battles they wage behind the scenes. SHE Must Be Obeyed pulls back the curtain, unveiling the sweat, tears, and resilience that underpin their success. The show doesn’t merely challenge stereotypes; it invites viewers to empathise deeply with the artists’ trials and tribulations.

“I love X-Cite. She brought out a side of me that wants to be daring and try new things. She made me push myself more as a brand and explore myself more.”

Our conversation ultimately pivots towards the monumental impact the show may have on our perceptions of women within the industry. Funke envisions a world where the limiting labels of weakness or inadequacy no longer confine women. “You’ll witness women in positions of authority, women shattering preconceived boundaries,” she passionately asserts. The show is instructive, encouraging us to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy ambition while weaving these pivotal lessons into an insightful and thought-provoking story.

In SHE Must Be Obeyed, we embark on a profound journey alongside Funke Akindele and Waje as they unveil the secrets of artistic transformation, navigate the intricate currents of music rivalry, and champion the cause of empowering women in entertainment. This show invites us to reflect on our own journeys of self-discovery, competition, and authenticity while offering a profound look into the transformative power of storytelling within the entertainment world.


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