Jeans are still the ultimate wardrobe staple—here’s why!

jeans will always be in style

Jeans are the holy grail of fashion staples. They’re like those reliable friends who are there no matter what. Then, there’s your best friend, whose presence has lasted through every point and season. Certain styles of jeans are like that. They simply never go out of style. So buckle up, denim lovers, because we’re about to take a joyride through the enchanting realm of denim, from wide-leg jeans to classic cuffed favourites.

black model wearing hues of blue with blue jeans
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Wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans

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Wide-leg jeans are like the Diana Ross of denim—timeless, elegant, and always in vogue. Whether you’re strutting down the streets of Paris or kicking back at your local coffee shop, wide-leg jeans are guaranteed to turn heads. Wide-leg jeans pair well with a crisp white blouse and statement accessories for a chic yet effortless look. Opt for tops with interesting details, cut-outs, or ruffles to add a touch of drama to your ensemble. And let’s not forget Valentino’s Spring 2024 show, where models rocked baggy blue jeans styled with white floral cut-out tops that screamed effortless chic.


Cuffed jeans

Wide leg jeans

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There’s something undeniably cool about cuffed jeans. Maybe it’s their laid-back vibe or ability to show off your killer footwear. Whatever it is, cuffed jeans are a great addition to your denim collection. With cuffed jeans, some midriff action on the top, via a crop top or a tank top to display your shoulders, makes a good styling combo. However, cuffed jeans are an excellent opportunity to show off your fabulous footwear, so whether your vibe is relaxed and cool with some fresh kicks or casual chic with heels, they give your shoes the spotlight they deserve.


Low-rise baggy jeans

Wide leg jeans

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Low-rise baggy jeans, a landmark of the cool ’90s aesthetic, are relaxed in their retro feel. Fashion ‘it’ girls like Lori Harvey are rocking this style of denim, which proves that the low-rise baggies have had a significant comeback as a denim staple. Low-rise jeans paired with a fitted crop top, a button-down blouse, a bikini top, a la Christina Aguilera, and chunky platform sandals like Lori Harvey are just a few ways this style can swing. Something about low-rise jeans urges you to be as daring as possible, with a cropped graphic tee or a mesh shirt a la coperni.


Dark wash jeans

Wide leg jeans

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When in doubt, go dark. Dark wash jeans are the ultimate wardrobe staple, effortlessly transitioning from day to night with a simple change of accessories. Dark wash jeans with a pop of colour and bold accessories, like a statement handbag or vibrant scarf, elevate the visual impact of the darker hue. Don’t shy away from the neons and oranges while rocking a dark wash pair. And when it comes to high fashion moments, Casablanca’s Fall 2024 collection delivered the goods with two-piece straight jeans and matching jackets that exuded style.


Straight leg jeans

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Last but certainly not least, we have straight-leg jeans—the unsung heroes of every wardrobe. They’re versatile, flattering, and guaranteed to stand the test of time. Straight-leg jeans are for the on-the-go gals who desire comfort and ease while on the go. Experiment with different washes and textures to add visual interest to your outfit. Style a pair with a sleek button-down shirt and ankle boots for a polished yet versatile look. Look no further than Coperni’s Spring 2024 collection in Paris, which featured straight-leg jeans paired with denim-panelled tops that were equal parts edgy and elegant.


High fashion’s denim love affair

Top designers give jeans the haute couture treatment, proving that denim is more than just casual wear. From Valentino to Coach to Vetements, here are five timeless jeans styles that received the high fashion treatment at the Fall 2024 shows. Whether you’re a wide-leg enthusiast or a die-hard fan of cuffed jeans, a denim dream awaits you.


Image via McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2024 straight, wide-leg pants were roped around the legs with denim details.

Image via Vetements

Vetements’ Spring 2024 show presented a slouchy oversized pair, designed inversely, styled with a vintage tweed coat that balances street style with a dose of refinement through the coat.

Image via Casablanca

Casablanca’s Fall 2024 delivered denim suiting with a velvety feel that exudes an effortless cool.

denim details at a fashion show
Image via Coperni

Coperni’s Spring 2024 featured straight long jeans paired with a scintillating skin mesh button-down, with denim details on the cuff, chest pockets, button line and collar.

Image Via Valentino

Valentino’s Spring 2024 models rocked oversized blue jeans paired with white floral cut-out tops, perfectly styled for a warm and breezy day.


Remember, the key to rocking high-fashion denim is confidence and creativity. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles, textures, and colours to create your own unique look. Whether you’re running errands or attending a fashion-forward event, jeans are sure to make a statement wherever you go. So go ahead, unleash your inner fashionista, and let your jeans do the talking!


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