These hollyJolly nail art designs will get you in the festive mood

As the holiday season approaches, an exciting air of anticipation surrounds us. The warmth of festive lights, the joy of sharing moments with loved ones, and the thrill of gift-giving – these are the moments that define the holiday spirit. In getting ready for the season, we also try to beautify our looks, and there’s one more way for beauty lovers to get into this: nail art.

In collaboration with the talented Beebee, a passionate nail technician, we’re taking you on a delightful journey into the world of holiday nail art. Beebee’s love for nail art began as a young girl who enjoyed experimenting with different colours on her nails.


“Nail beauty, for me, comes from a place of love. I’ve always been inquisitive about trying different colours on my fingers and toes.”

Beebee mastered nail art, launched her business, and has been turning heads with her stunning designs. Her clients range from everyday enthusiasts to A-listers, with the honor of styling Ayra StarrAyra Starr and Leigh Anne for their “My Love” music video.

Nail art provides an outlet for expressing your festive spirit and creativity. Are you ready to elevate your holiday look with fantastic and exciting designs?  Here’s a great place to start.

5 festive nail art ideas to embrace this season

Icy french btips- Christmas nail art designs
Image: Beebee’s Nails
  1. Icy french: This design combines icy white sparkle with the classic elegance of a French manicure. It’s a nod to Christmas that keeps your nails chic and simple. Beebee loves this style for its classic charm.
Peppermint swirls- holly jolly nail art designs
Credit: Pamper Nail Gallery via Pinterest
  1. Peppermint swirls: Red and green have long been associated with Christmas, but the iconic peppermint swirls perfectly capture the essence of the holiday colours. These hues are necessary for your festive nail look.
Burgundy nails- holly jolly nail art designs
Image: Sifra Lavenberg via Pinterest
  1. Burgundy beauty: If not red, then burgundy. To truly get into the holiday spirit, consider the beautiful Burgundy Christmas bauble look. It draws inspiration from those colourful designs that adorn Christmas trees. So why not let your nails join in the fun?
Frozen nails- hollyjolly nail art designs
Credit: The Glossychic
  1. Frozen freestyle: Snowflakes are nature’s intricate creations, and we love them more during the festive season. They are also an important nail trend for the holiday season. Each snowflake is unique, just like your nail art and it is a beautiful way to represent the holiday theme.
Green chrome- Christmas nail art designs
Image: Beebee’s Nails
  1. Green chrome textured: Green, with its shimmering effect, represents another vibrant Christmas colour. The chrome design has been on the rage lately, adding a touch of style and a festive feel to your nails. Additionally, chrome nails have been a 2023 trend and it is only right to adapt this during the festive season.

Getting into the festive spirit requires planning your decor, outfits and beauty. These cute holiday nail ideas will ensure you embrace all the fun the season brings. So, which of these designs will you be going for?


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