Explore the depths of your emotions through these captivating Nollywood films!

I love movies. More importantly, I love movies that leave me with lasting thoughts and emotions. Movies that help me make better decisions and lift my spirits are always my go-to when looking for cinematic pleasure. Granted, there are different things I could feel when watching movies; certain emotions stand out for me. The five emotions—anger, fear, sadness, disgust, and happiness—can come in various ways.

With that being said, let’s explore the films in Nollywood’s cinematic universe that have made a lasting impression on me, each invoking the five basic human emotions.

Anger | The Black Book

The Black Book delves into the life of a bereaved deacon and former military officer who loses his son to a corrupt police gang. This film is a vivid example of the phrase, “Art imitates life.”

From the orchestrated kidnapping and murder of the corrupt members of the police force to seeing the suffering inflicted on unsuspecting innocent citizens, this film made me feel rage like never before. Certain parts of this film served as a mirror of Nigerian society. While this is a fictional production, its contents remain a reality for many people. Finding out the reason behind all the chaos and deaths in this film made me realise that anyone can be a victim of institutional corruption.

Fear | Oloture

As a woman, there is nothing scarier than sexual abuse. The mental trauma from sexual abuse can hardly be compared to anything else, and Oloture put real fear in me. Oloture depicts the plights of women seeking greener pastures. It delves into the various corrupt systems that uphold sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls. This film is a cinematic masterpiece, but simultaneously, it is also a true-life story, which makes it even scarier.

Sadness | Dark October

I vividly remember seeing the blurred bodies of four boys murdered by an angry mob for allegedly stealing from an unknown person in the community. Dark October is a sad depiction of the dreadful reality of many Nigerians who have had jungle justice committed against them without having the chance to defend themselves. Having a visual representation of what happened to the four university students whose cases remained unsolved remains one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

Disgust | Anikulapo

From the sheer disgust I felt in this movie, I am convinced that men’s audacity can only be found in the devil’s bosom.

Falling in love with a trader and running away with him despite being one of the king’s wives was not in Arolake’s plans. Neither was the tragedy that followed. From being a queen to becoming the least valued person in Aman’s household because of her childbearing abilities (or lack thereof), Arolake was forced to make vengeful decisions due to the‘‘Acrimony-lik’’ betrayal of Saro.

Anikulapo tells the tale of a young traveller who finds favour in the eyes of the king and many powerful women. Along the way, his choices help him dig a grave where he undoubtedly belonged in the first place. Anikulapo portrays greed and unfairness on levels that can only breed disgust.

Happiness | Aki and Paw Paw

If you’ve ever watched old Nollywood films, you would have encountered the dynamic duo Aki and Paw Paw. The 2021 film, which features Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze, is a remarkable comedy film that will have you feeling a bit of nostalgia and lots of happiness at the same time. This film comedically explores the excitingly tempting nature of fame and what people would do to achieve celebrity status.

Emotions can be tricky to grasp at first, but movies make it easier to process them. Do you have movies that make you feel real emotions? Let me know in the comments!


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