Wellness Wednesday: I tried BIAB nails and here’s everything you need to know!

Struggling with brittle nails that just won’t grow? You’re not alone. I’ve been there, battling weak nails that seemed determined to break at the slightest touch. This quest for stronger nails led me to The Nail Boutique, where I discovered the magic of BIAB nails.

Say goodbye to harsh acrylics and hello to BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) nails, your new secret weapon for nail care. BIAB is not just about looks; it’s infused with nourishing properties that protect and strengthen your nails from within. What really distinguishes BIAB is its unique formula that supports nail growth while offering a stunning, polished finish. This innovation in nail care is transforming the game, fortifying your nails while maintaining their elegant and radiant appearance.

 What is BIAB?

Launched in 2015 by the vegan nail brand The Gel Bottle, BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) is a professional-use, soak-off soft gel specifically designed for natural nails. Softer than acrylic yet more durable than standard nail polish, BIAB offers a protective shell that enhances nail growth and strength and provides a sleek, shiny finish. This innovative formula is enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients that penetrate the nail plate during application, significantly strengthening nails and enhancing their health.

BIAB’s unique formula offers versatility and strength in nail care. It functions effectively as a protective overlay or crafts stylish extensions without the harsh chemicals found in traditional acrylics. Its vitamin-rich composition ensures flexibility and durability, making it a superior choice for those with weak or brittle nails. By choosing BIAB, beauty enthusiasts can enjoy a manicure that promotes both style and nail health, ensuring nails that are not only gorgeous but also robust and healthy.



Visiting the nail boutique 

Visiting The Nail Boutique wasn’t just a routine stop; it was a journey into the sophisticated world of nail care that completely reshaped my outlook. Walking through the doors, I was greeted by a chic ambience and a faint scent of cleanliness, prepping me for a pampering session. The staff welcomed me immediately, guiding me to my nail technician, Nancy, whose friendly approach made me feel valued and at ease.

Although I’m pretty familiar with nail treatments, Nancy’s deep knowledge and meticulous care were beyond what I’d expected. She patiently walked me through the BIAB process, putting any of my hesitations to rest. Nancy’s calm demeanour and thoughtful explanations throughout the treatment made it a relaxing and enlightening experience.

I chose BIAB nails, making the most of my natural nail length. Nancy shared a tip for those worried about having shorter nails: “For clients with shorter nails, we can attach a nail tip for length before applying the BIAB, ensuring durability without traditional acrylics.” She used a builder gel and resin glue—healthier alternatives to conventional nail materials. Nancy explained, “Resin glue helps bond the BIAB to your nails gently, reducing the risk of damage,” and “builder gel strengthens nails, providing a robust yet gentle foundation.”

What stood out was how Nancy completed the intricate BIAB application in just about 1.5 hours. Her proficiency made the time pass quickly, and her attention to detail was evident in every precise stroke and careful shaping of the BIAB overlay. Moreover, Nancy’s commitment to client safety was impressive; she applied sunscreen on my hands to protect against UV rays during curing, reflecting The Nail Boutique’s commitment to ‘safety first, then beauty’. This approach ensures that each visit not only leaves you with stunning nails but also upholds the highest standards of care and wellness.

Breaking down the bio-gel nail process:

  • Preparation: Nancy thoroughly cleaned and shaped my natural nails, removing any nail polish gently pushing back the cuticles and preparing the natural nails.
  • Base Coat: She applied a base coat to create a smooth and even foundation, ensuring optimal adhesion of the bio-gel to the natural nail surface.
  • Builder Gel Application: Nancy applied builder gel to strengthen and support the nails, layering them for durability. After every two coats of builder gel, she applied sunscreen to protect my skin from UV exposure during the curing process, but you can apply it as many times as you prefer.
  • Top Coat: Finally, Nancy applied a top coat to seal the bio-gel, adding a beautiful glossy finish and enhancing the overall appearance of my nails. This meticulous process resulted in stunning and healthy bio-gel nails that exceeded my expectations.
Image via Marieclaire Nigeria

The pros of BIAB

Image via Marieclaire Nigeria

Choosing BIAB nails brings a host of benefits that go beyond nail health, touching on personal well-being and boosting confidence in several impactful ways:

Rich in Nutrients: 

BIAB’s formula isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients that boost nail health. This care helps prevent dryness and damage, making your nails not only look good but truly healthier. Feeling good about how well you care for yourself can boost your confidence.


One of the standout features of BIAB nails is their incredible durability—they can last up to three weeks without a chip. This means less time worrying about nail maintenance and more time feeling put-together and confident. Knowing your nails look great and won’t let you down can really help maintain a positive self-image.

Simplified Nail Care: 

BIAB offers a pigmented gel that does it all, eliminating the need for additional layers of gel polish. This streamlined approach saves time and simplifies your beauty routine, reducing stress and making it easier to feel confident and in control of your look. Plus, the glossy, vibrant finish can express your style and personality, enhancing how you present yourself to the world.

The cons of BIAB

While bio-gel nails offer many benefits, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks.

UV Exposure Risks

UV or LED light during the curing process may raise concerns about overexposure to UV radiation. Continuous exposure to UV light can pose risks such as skin damage and premature ageing.

Image via Marieclaire Nigeria

My final thoughts

After getting BIAB nails at The Nail Boutique, I’m completely smitten with the chic, milky white finish that elevates my nails’ natural beauty. It’s the kind of subtle elegance that keeps me admiring my hands. I’m curious to see how these nails will hold up compared to acrylics, especially since they feel lighter and more flexible.

Image via Marieclaire Nigeria

The service at The Nail Boutique, particularly from Nancy, really sets the bar high—her attention to detail and client care exemplify what top-notch beauty service looks like. If you’re considering BIAB nails, I’d definitely recommend booking with Nancy for a first-class experience.

This encounter has been a revelation in my beauty journey, showing me the power of choosing beauty enhancements that align with a health-conscious lifestyle. BIAB nails don’t just look good; they’re about embracing a beauty routine that cares as much about wellness as appearance.

Image via Marieclaire Nigeria

If you want to make smart beauty choices, always opt for salons like The Nail Boutique that prioritise nail health. This way, your beauty treatments do more than just beautify—they contribute to your overall well-being. Start your journey towards healthier, stunning nails by choosing professionals who understand the importance of both health and beauty.

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