Johnnie Walker x This Is Us; celebrating homegrown fashion with Walk With Us collection

Inspired by the resilient spirit of Nigerians. Johnnie Walker partners with visionary fashion brand This Is Us, in raising a toast to the Dreamers and Doers with an iconic fashion collection tagged ‘Walk With Us.’ This collaboration is a highlight of Johnnie Walker’s ‘Walkers Mix’ campaign, a platform dedicated to championing Nigeria’s creative forces.

True to its ‘Keep Walking’ mantra, whisky brand, Johnnie Walker is raising a toast to the dreamers and doers, leading the charge to celebrate homegrown talent. The brand had previously partnered with the likes of Sarz and Anny Roberts, to push their penchant for innovation and excellence with creativity that knows no bounds. Now they collaborate with This is Us, amplifying talents that could only be found here in Nigeria.

his Is Us founders Osione and Oroma Itegboje, used their passion for sustainable homegrown fashion to transform how indigenous Nigerian culture is perceived on a global scale. Their pieces are crafted with local Funtua cotton and hand-dyed at the ancestral Kofar Mata Dye pits in Kano, made in Nigeria from start to finish. More young Nigerians are leaning away from cheap clothing made with undervalued labor to slow fashion; clothing made with value and respect at every step of the production process.

The Johnnie Walker and This is Us collaboration is set to redefine how fashion is perceived in Nigeria and in Africa at large.

This emphasizes not only the true African spirit but the power of choice from sustainability to the people they walk with- a community that uplifts one another. The Walk With Us collection is a tribute to Nigeria’s creatives who, like Osione and Oroma, are taking bold strides to shapethe future of their dreams.

The collection’s grand unveiling happens on the 29th of June,2024 at the Royal Box, Victoria Island, Lagos. inviting fellow dreamers and doersfrom across the nation to get dipped and dyed in vibrant indigo hues and ultra laid-back silhouettes. This partnership is set to change the perception of the Nigerian fashion industry, telling the necessary stories of every person defying odds and winning here. So if you’re all about chasing your dreams, walking your own path, and looking good while doing it, this collection (link @johnnywalkerng on IG) is for you. Be the first to get your hands on this season’s must-have pieces!


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