Beating the heatwave – your ultimate guide to staying cool and thriving

Imagine me at a polo match in Lagos, totally feeling myself in my favourite neon dress from CJR x Target, trying to channel my inner Blaire Eadie vibes. Then, out of nowhere, the Lagos heatwave crashes into me like a freight train. As the match gets more intense, so does my battle with the heat – and not in a chic way at all. My dress starts sticking to me like it’s madly in love with my sweat, and my trusty hand fan can only do so much to keep my makeup from melting and my face from turning into a hot mess. The rest of me? Basically, in a personal steam room. Lesson learned: next time, I’m opting for a swimsuit and dreaming of having a portable air conditioner. Getting through a Lagos heatwave? It’s like running a marathon, I swear.

While some of us might be nesting at home or tapping away on our keyboards in the comfort of our own space, others find ourselves navigating the outside world for countless reasons. It could be to catch a polo match, make a quick dash to the market, make the daily school run, soak up some sun on the beach, or do the regular grind at work. Amidst the whirlwind of this scorching 440-degree Celsius adventure, I’ve collected a treasure trove of tips to help us stay cool, stylish, and absolutely stunning as we brave this blazing challenge.

You can’t beat this heatwave without sunscreen

Let’s get one thing straight off the bat: SUN PROTECTION is a must! Slather it on, reapply, and don’t be shy to layer it up! Given the relentless blaze of the sun, it’s non-negotiable. If you need a nudge, remember that sun protection shields your dear skin from the sun’s unforgiving rays, guarding against everything from uneven skin tones to more severe threats like skin cancer.


beat the heatwave with sunscreen
Eau thermale avène sun protection


Stay hydrated

With our pores working overtime, staying hydrated both inside and out is essential. Sip on refreshing beverages like coconut water or cucumber-infused drinks to replenish electrolytes and keep your skin glowing from within.

Image via Unsplash

To all our Muslim sisters observing the fast in this sweltering heat, staying hydrated outside fasting hours is critical. Make sure to pack in the hydration with water-filled fruits like watermelon and cucumbers to keep you hydrated and full of nutrients all day. Opt for clothes that let you breathe and move freely, steering clear of anything clingy or crafted from heavy fabrics like crepe. Instead, fill your wardrobe with airy fabrics such as soft cotton, linen, and chiffon, ensuring comfort and a breeze around you through the fasting hours of Ramadan.


Image via Haute Hijab

Lightweight is the way to go

Now, onto the makeup girlies looking to brave the heatwave with their flawless looks intact. Opt for a lightweight, minimalist makeup routine with breathable formulations, like tinted moisturisers or BB creams, to let your skin breathe while still providing coverage. Keep oil-absorbing sheets handy to quickly blot away excess oil and sweat without disturbing your makeup.


L’Oreal Paris Skin Paradise Water-infused Tinted Moisturiser
beat the heatwave - Refreshing mist by Beauty by AD
Refreshing mist by Beauty by AD


You’ll love it flowy and breathable

Embrace airy fabrics like linen and cotton as your go-to choices for this weather. Honestly, with the amount we’re sweating, the last thing any of us need is the snug embrace of a fabric like velvet. Embrace flowy silhouettes, like boubous, maxi dresses, mini tunics, and breathable materials to stay cool and stylish under the blazing sun. Remember to accessorise with wide-brimmed hats and chic sunglasses for added sun protection and a touch of glamour.

beat the heatwave - Saint Laurent cat-eye via Matches fashion
Saint Laurent cat-eye via Matches fashion

When the skies finally grace us with some rain, arm yourself with waterproof shoes and a reliable umbrella to tread the streets with elegance and style. Despite the unyielding heat, our flair and fashion will stand unbeaten. Keep hydrated, keep shining, and let’s elegantly weather this heatwave together—assuming we don’t dissolve into puddles like ice cream on a sunny day.


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