An exhilarating display of sheer elegance at the Saint Laurent showcase

Saint Laurent Fall 2024 RTW

Anthony Vaccarello’s runway shimmered like a rain-kissed Parisian street at night, providing a striking backdrop for the ethereal beauty of sheer wonders. The collection boasted silken skirts, translucent pussy-bow blouses, and a variety of blouse styles, each crafted from delicate fabric reminiscent of pantyhose. In his latest offering, Saint Laurent’s Vaccarello tantalised with a display of artistic brilliance and allure.

Saint Laurent 2024 Fall Ready-to-wear
Image by Alessandro Lucioni /

An unmistakably feminine collection, some pieces are a silhouette of modesty and propriety in design, yet, in fabrication, are a transparent scape tinted in hues of Japanese carmine, olive green, light navy and black, with open-weave fabric stretching in form and construction to elucidate the veil on the female form.

Presenting a collection of 48 looks predominantly featuring sheer, revealing garments is undeniably audacious in this part of the world. Here, the values of modesty and self-preservation prevail, with the understanding that women reserve the intimate unveiling of their bodies for marital bonds, wherein such sights are cherished privileges to be shared solely with their husbands. I mean, if one will break with convention, a Saint Laurent 2024 Fall Ready-to-wear fashion statement provides the perfect conduit for a remarkable collapse.

Saint Laurent 2024 Fall Ready-to-wear
Image by Alessandro Lucioni /

During my immersive journey through Saint Laurent’s Fall 2024 ready-to-wear collection, a captivating notion struck me. As I admired the statement earrings adorning the models’ faces, complemented by scarves in matching hues, along with accessories such as fur stoles, structured oversized leather jackets, and bold bangles, I couldn’t help but wonder: Did Vaccarello draw inspiration from the eccentric fashion icon, Edie Beale, affectionately known as Little Edie, as depicted in the enigmatic cult classic film, Grey Gardens? The idea is as alluring as it is intriguing!

Image by Herb Goro during the filming of Grey Gardens (1976)
Image via Atypical60
Image via Of the Fashion blogspot

Back to the runway, there was an air of fun and freedom in design and fabrication choice for Vaccarello’s mostly sheer collection, which did feature slouch blazers in a delicious shade of chocolate and mini dresses in satin. There may be nothing fun about the laddering rip of a skirt constructed from fabric with the sheerness of a stocking (or maybe there is, depending on the day or night you’re having.) But the idea lingers when we consider the mind of Anthony Vaccrello. The designer potentially placed his whimsical collection above what is expected of a collection – to sell primarily (and will undoubtedly do so) and last long – and opted instead to be experimental with his own craftsmanship and have fun in the process.

Enjoy the images below from the Saint Laurent Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection.

Saint Laurent 2024 Fall Ready-to-wear

Saint Laurent

ANTHONY VACCARELLO Image by Alessandro Lucioni /


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