Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends

As Moscow Fashion Week wrapped up, the top Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends emerged, showcasing a dazzling display of styles that journeyed from Russia to Indonesia, Tunisia to South Africa, and beyond. Each designer infused their creations with a piece of their heart, sharing tales of heritage, muse, and aspirations. It felt as though they were weaving the diverse narratives of their origins into the very clothes that might populate our closets tomorrow, embodying the essence of Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends.

Imagine a runway bursting with vibrant indigenous visuals, moving to the rhythm of high-energy beats and shimmering with dazzling metallic colours. Moscow Fashion Week was a spectacle of imagination, showcasing everything from flowing designs and striking lace details to modern twists on classic corsets. It was a frenzy of inventive flair, launching trends so captivating that even the fast-fashion world couldn’t help but take notice.

Let’s talk about colour! The runway was a riot of hues, from soft pastels to fierce primaries like red, black, and white. Earth tones mingled with vibrant oranges, creating a diverse colour palette that danced before our eyes.

Now, let’s dive into the 16 Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends that stole the spotlight:

Blazer Babe

The blazer combo emerged as a leading trend, merging professional sharpness with casual flair. The MEASURE showcased an oversized blazer with mesh details over a midi skirt, adding fluidity to a structured silhouette. VESTIAIRE highlighted the contrast of sturdy blazers with loose pants, while BURO Unique paired a blazer with a whimsical rose-cutout mini dress. Dear Passenger N. leaned into delicacy with lace-adorned blazers and skirts. Iutani offered a classic double-breasted blazer, adaptable for both casual and refined looks. VASSA & Co. debuted a versatile symmetrical blazer, perfect for transitioning day to night. Each designer reinterpreted the blazer, blending traditional tailoring with inventive designs to create standout ensembles that captivate and inspire.

Bomber Time

Yana Besfamilnaya reimagines the bomber jacket with unique rope accents, making a bold statement in her collection that plays with contrasts. Imagine the Tomb Raider embracing a gothic vibe, and you’ve got XakaMa’s creation: a bomber vest redefined with edgy deconstructed pockets and ropes. VASSA & Co. elevates the casual ensemble with a sleek bomber vest, adding a touch of sophistication. Meanwhile, DOPE Stores infuses fun into the classic bomber, incorporating playful camouflage and tennis details for a vibrant twist.

Crop blazer

Geisha Designs lights up the night with a dazzling cropped blazer featuring sheer sleeves, creating the ultimate outfit for an evening out. Meanwhile, Beena creatively reimagines the oversized blazer, leaving threads and ribbons artfully undone for a deconstructed vibe. IANIS CHAMALIDY opts for timeless elegance with a sleek black cropped blazer. For those daring to edge it up, the IBW presents an asymmetrical blazer with one side cropped, offering a bold twist on a classic silhouette.


Cutouts continued to steal the spotlight on the runway, with General VI & LI LAB showcasing asymmetrical and alluring designs. These tasteful peeks of skin came in several creative variations: SOLANGEL accented them with an improvised belt, VASSA & Co. added a touch of glamour with a metallic band, and IBW wrapped things up elegantly with a sleek evening drape.

Deconstructed blazer

The sleeveless blazer was a personal favourite, paired with the edgy crop top in IANIS CHAMALIDY and the loose knitwear blouse with LESEL. SHATU pulls out all the sensual stops with leather gloves and a dress with a combination of lace and silk skirt. VASSA & Co keeps it simple with thigh-high boots, commanding attention and showing the versatility of the design.

Pretty in pastel

Pastel hues painted the runways, setting a dreamy scene for the iconic logos of the Boys of Soweto to shine. General VI paired these soft shades with a shimmering bomber jacket adorned with frills, creating an almost nude illusion. KOSS mastered the art of day-to-night dressing with a pastel blouse that seamlessly transitions to evening glam when paired with a sparkling skirt. Irmasari Joedawinata embraced pretty pastel layers to sculpt the ideal silhouette, while SASHINA played with cool tones and contrasts for an eye-catching effect.


It’s a no-brainer that I said yes to the corset. Every look on the runway was a showstopper. Koss took the spotlight with a v-cut corset perfectly balancing a shimmering skirt, all tied together with classic elbow-length gloves. Designers like ABZAEVA, By Das, and Yana Besfamilnaya put a relaxed twist on the traditional corset, making it more breathable and versatile for layering in a laid-back style. Iutani introduced a nude corset marked by effortless lines, while IMK, TOOMATCH, and LI LAB each unveiled their unique takes on the iconic corset, all aiming to accentuate that well-loved waistline. It’s as if we’re stepping into a scene from Bridgerton!


Sequins took centre stage, illuminating the runway with elegance. BITTE_RUHE redefined evening wear with a turtleneck dress and flowing sleeves, while LI LAB presented a minimalist take on the black dress. Geisha Designs and General VI infused the runway with colour and playful sequined sets. KOSS’s pastel ensemble offered versatility, transforming from day to night effortlessly. SOLANGEL’s metallic dress accentuated the silhouette, paired with sleek accessories for a polished look. TOOMATCH simplified elegance with a chic jacket-dress combo. ZUHAT introduced a sparkling hijab blouse, blending modesty with glamour. Each designer showcased a unique interpretation of sequins, proving their timeless appeal and versatility in fashion.

Waistcoat Frenzy

As someone who absolutely adores waistcoat designs, seeing them shine in KOSS’s velvet two-piece, brilliantly accessorised with chunky pearls for that extra flair was a treat. SHATU brought sophistication to the forefront with a structured double-breasted blazer. Alia Abaza took it up a notch by blending a halter neck with a sharply defined waistband for a stunning silhouette. Surovaya added a playful yet stylish twist to the mix with a bib accessory on their grey two-piece, proving that fashion can indeed be both fun and chic.

Mini Madness

We hear minis are in! Embellished in sequins with rose details, this look from MaisonESVE screams ready for a spin around town. Julia Dalakian pairs the embellished mini skirt with a patterned shirt and blazer, contrasting casual and edgy. I.B.W says ready to play, paired with the classic white shirt and an oversized coat, while Geisha Designs embraces the concept of fluidity with a fringed blouse paired with sequined shorts.

White Shirt

The classic white shirt is here to stay, proving its versatility and timeless appeal on the runway, this time making a statement with a twist of ties. DaryaKipriyanova masters the art of layering and equilibrium with a creatively deconstructed halter neck. Meanwhile, Boys of Soweto give it an edgy spin, pairing it with a leather jacket and shorts, whereas I.B.W. goes for a sleek look with a blazer and leather pants. Tapping into the emo vibe, XakaMA combines the asymmetric white shirt with a tie, cargo pants, and silver metallic shades for a standout ensemble. BEENA reimagines the corporate white shirt with playful cutouts and a tie artfully draped along the sides, complemented by pants with eye-catching slits.

Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends - white shirt


The magic of lace transformed looks from the fluid elegance in MaisonESVE and General VI’s black ensemble to the enchanting BITTE__RUHE maxi dress. Dear Passenger N weaves a narrative of sheer elegance with a three-piece set elegantly finished with a trailing train. Yana Besfamilnaya offers a glimpse into her unique world with a black cutout two-piece, blending stark contrasts and textures. SHATU introduces a touch of grace by adding lace details to a classic trench coat ensemble, proving that traditional can be tantalizing. Meanwhile, SERGEY SYSOEV crafts a masterpiece with a lace blouse that seems spun from nature itself, showcasing unmatched artistry.

Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends - lace-up

Metallic hues

The runway’s favourite shade this season, metallic hues, were masterfully paired with cotton fabrics, creating standout looks on the Alia Abaza runway. The AO brand nailed the crinkled texture trend with a chic crop top and skirt duo, while Julia Dalakian elevated the look with a structured blazer and a sleek cowl neck top. Koss turned heads with a stunning metallic gold evening dress that radiated goddess vibes. MaisonESVE brought fantasy to life, crafting a mesmerising mermaid silhouette with an elegantly draped blouse and a thigh-grazing, iro-inspired skirt. SERGEY SYSOEV captured the essence of intrigue with a golden blazer layered over a print bodysuit, painting a picture of enigmatic beauty.

Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends - metallic hues

Pattern cutouts

Inspired by geometry, brands like Anissa Aida and ABZAEVA transform vests and pants into a story of culture and history. ZA_ZA pays homage to nature with the illustrious flowers on a blazer with fluid pants, while AO Brand gives some ribbon play cutouts to create a sensual piece.

Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends - pattern cutouts

Tulle Baby

The boisterous effect of the Tulle fabric was exaggerated and underplayed, subject to designers’ interpretations. BURO UNIQUE creates the perfect layers to reveal a cute doll dress in pastel, while I.B.W. saves the definitions for a flawless skirt detail to a lush blazer. With a ruffle detail on the torso, ​​Irmasari Joedawinata creates a playful tulle number paired with pants, while PASESHNIC reveals ruffles and drapes to create a fluid dress.

Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends - tulle baby

From the tailored elegance of blazers to the edgy allure of bombers, and the shimmer of sequins to the delicate touch of lace, Moscow Fashion Week has left us utterly spellbound, unveiling the latest Moscow Fashion Week fashion trends. These trends have us eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the ever-evolving narrative of fashion.


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