Moscow Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Moscow Fashion Week, the final crescendo in the symphony of international fashion weeks, didn’t just showcase stunning designs but also spotlighted the latest beauty trends that have been making waves from New York to Milan.

Drawing inspiration from Marc Jacobs’ 40th-anniversary bash in the Big Apple—where models took us back to a whimsical era, looking like chic paper dolls come to life—to the comeback of the sultry, wet-and-wavy hair that whispers of the roaring ’20s’ glamour, one thing’s crystal clear: the fashion world is loudly and proudly declaring the return of bold, sleek statements. It’s as if the style scene is shouting from the rooftops that it’s time to embrace daring and polished looks with open arms again.

Pat McGrath porcelain doll face via CNN

The unparalleled Dame Pat McGrath, a true makeup queen, cast her spell across the fashion runways. Her touch transformed the Maison Margiela Artisanal show into a realm of fantasy, while at Versace, she brought punk to life with dramatically dark, sooty eye makeup.

As Moscow Fashion Week drew to a close, it was evident that the top beauty trends created by KEVIN.MURPHY (official stylist partners) paid homage to the past while inspiring transformations in everyday looks with captivating detail.

Let’s dive into the standout Moscow Fashion Week beauty trends:

The Doll Age

Marc Jacob’s whimsical beauty looks from his 40th-anniversary celebration set the stage for a doll-like revival. Dame Pat McGrath’s Maison Margiela Artisanal show sent shockwaves through the beauty world, with doll-inspired influences rippling across screens and music covers. BITTE__RUHE paired sleek hair in bonnets with an exaggerated blush sensation, while Gapanovich and Gerda Irène toned it down, highlighting certain lashes to give the paper doll effect. Focusing on the lash effect, BEENA and MaisonESVE accentuate the eyelids with clumpy and full lashes.

Punk Babes

Embracing bold statements, Moscow Fashion Week beauty trends showcased punk-inspired makeup with attention-grabbing sooty sockets. Dark eyeshadows and liners outlined the eyes on the SHATU  and ZUHAT runway, while a glittery rendition highlighted some of the SOLANGEL looks. The ZA ZA runway was immersed in the complete soot takeover of the eyes with dark-winged eyes. NBC took it further with dramatic illustrations, inviting everyone to explore edgier looks.

No Makeup Makeup

The beauty mantra for 2023 continues to thrive, with subtle, barely-there makeup looks dominating the runways. From nude manicures to minimalist makeup emphasising skincare, less is indeed more. The dewy look of the Sergey Sysoev models and the rosy VESTIAIRE shows highlight this trend’s diversity. DISOBEDIENCE and LESEL keep it subtle, highlighting facial structure. 

Sleek Chic

Some Moscow Fashion Week beauty trends were all about that fresh, just-out-of-the-shower look with wet yet elegantly styled hairdos framing faces with an air of sophistication. Whether it was buzz cuts seen in the MaisonESVE show (a personal favourite) or the sleek bobs on the AO brand, the silky hair trend was versatile. Sleek low buns flirted with the Irmasari Joedawinata, TOOMATCH and BURO UNIQUE runways, adding a lustrous touch to the runway ensembles.

Wet and Wavy

The runways were awash with ethereal hair textures, from finger curls to mermaid waves.  Ivonne Garita and EMRE ERDEMOGLU exaggerated wet curls on their forehead. Geisha Designs opted for a more fluid style, from exaggerated mermaid curls to sleek wavy updos. Short styles weren’t left from the 90s waves by DaryaKipriyanova to the bob with a twist on the LI LAB runway embraced the fluidity of waves, adding an enchanting allure to the catwalk.

Ageless Beauty

Celebrating diversity in age, models of all generations graced the runways with radiant beauty. From youthful doll faces at BITTE__RUHE to the sophisticated no-makeup looks of LESEL, beauty knew no bounds on the MFW runway. MaisonESVE and VASSA&Co take it up a notch with striking eye looks that make these women look more compelling.

The Wings Have It!

SHATU makes an exciting statement with the Cleopatra-inspired graphic wings, while KOTOKA, Dear Passenger N, and Mastewal Alemu reinforce that classic eyeliners will always remain a beauty industry favourite. The graphic wings made a striking statement on the runways. In brands like Julia Dalakian, the bold yet subtle eye looks reaffirmed the timeless appeal of winged eyeliner.

Eye Liners!

Graphic and shimmery eye makeup created mesmerising illusions in SOLANGEL and Lutani. Enhancing the runway designs with celestial allure, Timshee adapted a matte winged finish. From minimal but graphic lines of IANIS CHAMALIDY to frosty accents of EFREMOV, eyes became the focal point of beauty.

Let’s Tousle

Effortlessly tousled hair exuded an air of casual chic on the MFW runways, from the NBC messy buns to I-woke-up-like-this waves featured on the ABZAEVA runway. Perfect for the modern professional, these looks promise to make a statement on organised chaos, from the LESEL to General VI updos.

The Moscow Fashion Week beauty trends offered a glimpse into the evolving landscape of beauty, inspiring us to embrace boldness, creativity, and individuality. As we bid farewell to another spectacular fashion week season, we carry these beauty revelations with us, daring to explore new horizons and redefine beauty on our terms.


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