Loewe’s Fall 2024 show turns the seemingly mundane into showstoppers 


Before diving into this piece, let me just put it out there: I literally want to drape myself in EVERY SINGLE LOEWE PIECE!

Jonathan Anderson’s latest fall showcase was a runway dream, marrying avant-garde elegance with an effortlessly chic vibe that screams ‘everyday luxury.’ I daydream of a closet bursting at the seams with those stunning cutout jersey dresses painted in lavish royal blue shades that nod to his AW20 collection and mint tones accented with playful faux belts, dialling the coolness to a new level.


Loewe Fall 2024

The collection blossoms with Albert York-inspired floral and landscape prints, with images of the artist’s work displayed at the venue, on the walls of the Château de Vincennes in Paris. Anderson weaved York’s imagery throughout his fall 2024 collection.

According to Anderson’s post-show debrief by Sarah Mower, he said, “I started exploring the idea of provenance and why we buy things and why things come to have meaning,” emphasising “the idea of an outsider looking into a world that we don’t experience,” effectively immortalising the spectacle of ordinary moments.

Anderson played on this framework by intricately weaving the mundane into clever design and daring styling with black motorbike boots. This juxtaposition encapsulates Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe Fall 2024 runway — a celebration of artistry, defiance in styling, and the alchemy of turning the everyday into the extraordinary. Anderson’s prowess shines through in his ability to challenge norms and craft beauty in unexpected places, truly capturing the essence of transformation and innovation on the runway.


Loewe Fall 2024
’Grey Dog in Green Landscape’ oil on wood panel (1978) by Albert York

Loewe Fall 2024

Loewe Fall 2024

Anderson wields his design genius to morph ordinary shapes and silhouettes into fresh, edgy, and intriguing masterpieces. Imagine a simple maxi jersey dress reimagined into a captivating evening gown or a classic button-down shirt stylishly redefined with a belt, transformed under Anderson’s touch. Each piece, like the collared shirt adorned with extended sleeves and belt-and-buckle waist accents, showcases his knack for elevating the basics into something utterly mesmerising.


Loewe Fall 2024

The collection unveiled coats adorned with luxurious, two-tone shearling collars and tailcoats whose ‘tails’ splayed out like the bifurcated tongue of a serpent. Anderson possesses a unique talent for crafting collections that capture the admiration of the fashion elite and resonate with those who prefer subtler fashion statements. Even the most statement-making pieces, like those denim pantaloons, find their way seamlessly into the day-to-day wardrobes of fashion aficionados and casual dressers alike.


Loewe’s Fall 2024 collection elevates the mundane into something remarkable. It focuses on intricate lapel designs that stand out more than the suit’s fit itself. A maxi dress is transformed with stunning fading prints or ombre colours, becoming a visually enchanting piece in Loewe’s Fall 2024 collection. All these, coupled with Anderson’s sharp styling acumen, amplify the allure of this whimsically brilliant collection for Loewe. A round of applause for Jonathan Anderson’s ability to turn the quotidian into the quintessential! Bravo!


Loewe Fall 2024Loewe Fall 2024Loewe Fall 2024


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