AMVCA Diaries: Genoveva Umeh Is the Supporting Actress of the Year

AMVCA Diaries: Genoveva Umeh Is the Supporting Actress of the Year

In every film, there are central characters who drive the story forward, impacting the plot with every twist and turn. And there are the supporting characters, who are crucial to the narrative’s depth and allure. These characters are the unsung heroes, adding layers and enriching the storytelling.

Genoveva Umeh shone brightly at this year’s Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), scooping up the “Best Supporting Actress” award. Her captivating portrayal of Anna in Breath of Life won over audiences and secured her a spot as a standout talent in African cinema. Her award is a well-earned nod to her compelling contribution to the film.

AMVCA Diaries: Genoveva Umeh Is the Supporting Actress of the Year
Breath of Life Stills via Genoveva Umeh on Instagram

Her Journey

Before the actress stunned on the set of “Breath of Life,” she discovered her love for acting and performing in secondary school. She decided to put this newfound love into action by applying to the Identity School of Acting in the United Kingdom in 2012. After completing a term in the acting school, she performed a few plays at the Hammersmith Theatre in London and obtained an LLB from the University of Surrey in England.

In 2018, she moved to Nigeria to pursue her acting career and found her way to the theatre, performing a self-written, one-woman stage play titled “Home” at the Lagos Fringe Festival. From there, she performed in numerous plays before moving to the big screens.

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In 2020, Genoveva booked her first lead role in “A Tune Away” and bagged an instant nomination for “Best Lead Actress” at the 2022 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

After getting into the EbonyLife Creative Academy, she was featured in short films like “Monitoring Spirit”, “Reflections”, “Focus”, and “Ijo”. Her exceptional performances caught the eye of notable film producer Kenneth Gyang, which paved the way for her role in Netflix-exclusive films like “Blood Sisters”, and fan favourite “Far From Home”.

AMVCA Diaries: Genoveva Umeh Is the Supporting Actress of the Year
Genoveva Umeh As Zina in Far From Home via Naija Times

In 2023, she appeared in “MTV Shuga 5” as Chika and “Breath of Life” as Anna, bagging the win for “Best Supporting Actress” at the 2024 AMVCAs

In whatever character Genoveva embodies, it is no secret that she imbibes the identity of every character she plays. Her tenacity and talent are evident in her successes. As the winner of the “Best Supporting Actress” category, the AMVCA and  Africa can now witness true talent and dedication to film through Genoveva’s performances. Genoveva is a woman who embodies the traits of a champion. Congratulations to Genoveva Umeh on her win.


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