3 types of movements to get in shape every week 

Walking has garnered quite the reputation for being a simple and accessible exercise for many, with its benefits widely acknowledged. But did you know that just strolling around the block won’t cut it for your overall health? There are three types of movements to get in shape every week.

According to a study published in 2023 in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, taking at least 2,300 steps per day can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease-related mortality.

However, let’s not mistake a leisurely walk for a full fitness regime. We’ve tapped into the expertise of some health pros to reveal the three crucial movements for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Three types of movement to get your body in shape 

In an enlightening piece on CNN’s platform, Melissa Boyd, a certified personal trainer, shares her insights on why your daily walk might not be doing the trick. 

She breaks it down into three key movement categories: your daily must-dos are walking, stretching, and bending. 

Your athletic endeavours (think regular workouts to boost your fitness levels), and the social activities that keep you moving and grooving with others.

“It’s crucial to consider these different types of movements because being sedentary all day long is unfortunately all too common,” explains Melissa Boyd. “Many of us are trying to counteract our inactive lifestyles. But remember, exercise is not the same as physical movement.”

Dr. Carl Cirino, a sports medicine surgeon at HSS Orthopaedics (United States), echoes this sentiment. “People need to diversify their movements, working their muscles and stretching them in various ways. Activities like yoga and Pilates are fantastic for this,” he suggests.

So, how do we integrate these movements into our daily lives? Well, ideally, we should create a holistic plan that incorporates all the necessary movements, from walking and stretching to cardio, strength training, and social engagements.

“Consider getting a treadmill and turning some of your meetings into walking sessions,” advises Dr. Cirino. “And why not add a set of squats every time you head to the restroom? Small changes like these can make a big difference.”

Melissa Boyd emphasises that embarking on an exercise journey doesn’t mean an immediate overhaul of your lifestyle. Start small, she suggests. “I often find that people love the initial feelings of strength and vitality,” she says. “The more they move, the more they want to move. It’s all about momentum!”

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire France
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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