5 times Genoveva Umeh delivered captivating screen performances

Genoveva Umeh

When the Netflix original Blood Sisters dropped in May 2022, viewers became curious about who the unruly, drug-addict anti-hero of the thriller was. And it was no other person than the fiery actress, Genoveva Umeh.

Genoveva, who started as an obscure talent with roles in short and indie films (such as “Love is War,” “One Lagos Night,” and “Lizard”), is fast becoming a household name in the Nollywood industry. We anticipate 2024 as the year of ‘Genoveva supremacy’ with awards and recognitions, and we will be here for it!

But before that happens, let’s reflect on the movies and series that made us fall in love with the fast-rising star:

Blood Sisters (2022)

Of course, you can’t mention Genoveva’s rise to fame without her role as Timeyin in the critically acclaimed Netflix thriller, “Blood Sisters.” Here, she plays the role of Timeyin, a daring but questionable character in Netflix’s first Nigerian true crime series. In Blood Sisters, the series, her character sparked the interest of viewers and movie scouts alike, giving her the boost she needed to show us her undeniable talent and charisma.

Far From Home (2022)

As Zina in Netflix’s “Far from Home,” she stunned the audience and quickly gained a loyal fanbase for her performance in the TV series. As the free-spirited Zina who remained loyal to Carmen and Rahila, she became a significant player in the survival game. She obtained wider recognition through “Far From Home,” setting her up for vast success in 2023.

MTV Shuga S5 (2023)

In “MTV Shuga 5,” Genoveva played the role of Chika Asinobi, the eccentric bookworm. Fighting for the rights of every woman and combating the COVID-19 infection becomes Chika’s leading personality throughout the film. However, her charisma and resilience make her a screen favourite for the compelling series’ viewers.

Breath of Life (2023)

Stunningly gracing our screens in “Breath of Life”, Genoveva becomes a commanding force as a supporting lead in the movie’s compelling storyline. Starring as the vivacious Anna, Genoveva commanded our hearts and screens as the love interest of Elijah – played by Chimezie Imo. Genoveva’s performance in Breath of Life further engrossed us with the actor’s versatility, leaving us wanting more.

A Tribe Called Judah (2023)

Genoveva Umeh in A Tribe Called Judah

In the record-breaking movie “A Tribe Called Judah,” Genoveva perfectly delivers her role as Ejiro’s girlfriend, Testimony. Being a part of a film that continues to break records, becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time in Nigeria, has further cemented Genoveva in Nollywood’s book of historical performances.

With all these exciting roles and performances in the bag for Genevova, 2024 certainly has more to offer from the seasoned actor. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for more exciting projects and jaw-dropping roles throughout 2024. For now, tell us what your favourite Genevova role has ever been.


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