Standout fashion and beauty trends from the 2024 AMVCA

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The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) is a dazzling celebration of African cinema that also sets the stage for the latest fashion and beauty trends. As one of the most prestigious events in African fashion, the AMVCA red carpet is where designers and celebrities showcase their creativity and style. This year’s red carpet was a vibrant display of timeless elegance and bold innovation.

Let’s dive into some standout trends and my take on why they shone—or missed the mark.


Mermaid dresses

Adunni Ade via Instagram
Osas Ighodaro via Instagram

Mermaid dresses graced the red carpet, embodying classic sophistication with fitted silhouettes and sweeping tails. They’re undeniably beautiful and flattering on many figures, but it’s time for Nigerian celebrities to break away from the safe choices and embrace more daring designs. While mermaid dresses are timeless, shifting towards innovative styles that challenge norms would not only inject fresh excitement into red-carpet fashion but also inspire a new wave of creativity.

Corset fashion

Uche Montana via Instagram
Kehinde Bankole via Instagram

Ah, corset fashion—a trend that’s still going strong but starting to feel repetitive. The synched waistlines and corseted mermaid dresses are flattering but lack the avant-garde flair that defines the iconic style. I believe this is because many celebrities are sticking to the same corseted silhouette without exploring new ways to incorporate corsets into their outfits. I’m eager to see celebrities push boundaries with unconventional designs that spark conversations and leave a lasting impression. Let’s move beyond the expected and embrace fashion that surprises and delights.

Art meets fashion

Nana Akude via Instagram

At the 2024 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), one of the most enchanting trends that captivated attendees was the seamless integration of art into fashion. This trend, often referred to as ‘Art meets fashion ‘, involves using fashion as a medium for artistic expression. Toke Makinwa’s hand-painted mermaid dress by Veekee James was a true standout, transforming the red carpet into a wearable art gallery. The dress featured intricate hand-painted designs showcasing Nigerian designers’ unparalleled artistry and creativity. Each stroke of colour and pattern on the dress reflected a unique form of self-expression, making a bold statement about the intersection of fashion and art. Similarly, Nana Akude’s 3D butterfly dress was a marvel of sculptural fashion, with delicate butterfly wings that seemed to flutter on the red carpet. These visionary creations elevated the event’s aesthetics and emphasized the transformative power of fashion as a medium for artistic exploration and innovation.

Floral themes

Nini via Instagram
Chioma Ikokwu via Instagram

Nini’s floral silhouette mermaid dress embodied elegance, featuring delicate blooms made with light tulle material that cascaded down the gown, evoking the freshness and vitality of a spring garden. This is a classic example of the ‘Floral themes’ trend, which has been a staple in fashion for centuries. Chioma Good Hair’s avant-garde ensemble by Weizdhurm Franklyn pushed the boundaries of floral fashion with its daring approach, incorporating silver and black materials in extended branch-like designs. This trend showcases the timeless appeal of floral motifs in fashion, highlighting their ability to bring nature’s beauty to life on the red carpet.

I look forward to seeing how designers will continue to innovate and evolve this trend, infusing future red carpet appearances with new levels of creativity and sophistication.

Bling and embellishments

Tomike Adeoye via Instagram
Simi Drey via Instagram
Mitchel Ihezue via Instagram

Stones, crystals, and beadwork adorned many outfits, adding a touch of luxury to the event. Mitchel Ihezue, Simi Drey, and Tomike Adeoye were among the stars who dazzled in intricately beaded creations, showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail synonymous with Nigerian fashion. Simi Drey’s striking black breastplate and crystal-adorned dress by Mide Wrld resembled a living crystal chandelier, reflecting light and radiating sophistication. These embellishments are timeless because they add a sense of opulence and grandeur to any outfit, making it perfect for red-carpet events. I’m excited to witness how designers will continue to innovate with new materials and techniques, pushing boundaries and bringing fresh creativity to future red carpet-looks.


Ernest Chuxx via Instagram

Pull back updo

Hair trends at the AMVCA embraced simplicity and elegance to complement the dramatic and busy outfits worn by the stars. Many celebrities opted for classy hairstyles, such as pulled-back updos, which framed their faces beautifully and allowed their outfits to take centre stage. This choice highlighted their features while maintaining a sophisticated and polished look.

Short wigs 

Short wigs also made a stylish appearance, offering versatility and a chic aesthetic that perfectly suited the red carpet ambience. These wigs provided a fresh and modern look, adding an element of fun and fashion-forward thinking to the evening’s styles.



Angel JB Smith via Instagram

Smokey eyes

The women showcased their best looks, focusing on various trends. One standout trend was smokey eyes, which adorned the eyes of celebrities like Jemima Osunde, Genoveva Umeh, and Angel JB Smith. Angel JB Smith even elevated her look with striking green smokey eyes that complemented her ensemble perfectly. This dramatic eye makeup added an element of glamour and intensity to their overall appearances.

Nude lips 

Additionally, nude lips were prevalent among attendees, with our favourite celebrities sporting different shades of nude lipstick. These subtle yet elegant makeup choices highlighted current beauty trends. They provided a glimpse into the next hot thing, adding to the overall allure and sophistication of the AMVCA red carpet.

The 2024 AMVCA red carpet was not just a showcase of fashion but a canvas for self-expression and creativity. As we reflect on these trends, let’s celebrate the beauty of individuality and the spirit of innovation within the Nigerian fashion industry. Here’s to more daring designs, unexpected collaborations, and unforgettable moments on future red carpets. I invite you to share your thoughts on these trends and how they might influence your fashion choices. Let’s keep the conversation about red-carpet fashion alive because I believe they inspire our everyday fashion and inspire each other to push the boundaries of creativity.


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