4 styling tips to score your Maxi/Midi denim game

Fashion is cyclical and truly stylish people know, there is no trend that truly goes out of fashion if you dress according to your own personal style and honour your creativity. This is the case with the reemergence of the denim skirt trend since last season, repurposed by the Gen-z and Gen-Alpha influencers.

The trend has been a hit in the street style scene, we saw this during fashion month across the world, and with our favourite social media creators as well. Either as a midi or maxi, there are various ways this versatile piece helps you achieve the ultimate cool look. 

One thing about these skirts is how versatile they are into whatever style you are willing to take on. They also fit quite nicely into any generation from the Gen Z styling them with colourful layers to the millennials keeping it minimal with crop tops and comfy shoes. The skirts are great for on and off seasons too. Either for work, to run errands or attend a party, denim skirts should be on your add on list this season. 

If you have the midi/maxi denim skirt already in your wardrobe, with little to no ideas on how to achieve that comfortable, stylish ensemble with it, here are a few style tips for you.

Understand the skirt

Like many other garments, midi/maxi denim skirts come with different waistlines (low, high) hems (fringe, single fold), colours (blue, faded, black), slits (front, side), cuts (straight, flared) and designs (tiered, asymmetrical). However, two constant things are the denim material and the length of the skirt. Some denim are stiff while some are loose/stretchy, it can go either way depending on the designer and brand you shop from. As for length, midi is length below the knee to the lower leg while maxi is length at the ankle to the soles of the feet.

Tip: It’s important to consider the length of the skirt in comparison to your height and how flattering it is to your body type. If you don’t get the accurate measurements, you’ll be stuck with an overflowing skirt that might be difficult to move around in. Choose the formula that works best for your build and style, this makes it more enjoyable for you to wear. For instance, you can choose a straight single fold hem midi blue jeans with front slit. Like the image below: 

Denim Midi Skirt by All Saints

Or you can explore with other designs like these:

Slit Vintage Denim Maxi Skirt by Emmoil
Doublet Fall/Winter 2023.

Pair with the right top  

With midi/maxi denim skirts, it can easily be a hit or miss depending on what top you choose to pair them with. There are so many styles of tops that work well with your denim skirt. For  a more casual look, consider a crop or fun full top. If you’re going for a more formal look, a t-shirt or blouse will be more suited for that. Layering is a great way to elevate the look to a more formal appearance, you can throw on a blazer to make it more fitting. For an extra trendy look, try the double denim outfit combination. Get a denim crop top, corset or shirt and pair with your denim skirt. 

Tip: Always remember you can never go wrong with basics like a white/black tee or tank. 

Denim on Denim. Ganni/Copenhagen Fall 2023

Shoes are the ace to level up your outfit

Shoes have the power of style conversion that tops don’t have. You can wear the exact outfit with heels and crocs and you’ll get two totally different looks. Picking your top determines the occasion which helps you pick the right shoes to complete the look. . Formal or semi formal looks require certain shoes like boots, sneakers and heels. For a more informal look, consider chunky slippers and sandals. Colours also matter but that is totally up to your personal style and mood. 

Maxi denim paired with slides @Diesel
Midi denim paired with boots @sylviemus_
Maxi denim paired with sneakers @jadedldn

Tip: Consider comfort when selecting your shoes because midi/maxi skirts can seem like a lot to manage in themselves. 

Always Accessorise 

Jewellery and accessories score you the most points. They’re decorative with the power to upgrade your outfit from 50 to 100.

You can match them with the palette of your existing outfit, or use them as an accent or highlight. Make them the star of the ensemble or that tiny little detail for extra glamour.

From fun and quirky earrings and necklaces to classic designs of bags, scarves and sunglasses, you have the liberty to do so much with your accessories on a denim skirt outfit. It allows for so much creativity and you can go as much or as little as you want.


Tip: You can match the colours of your accessories for a more defined look.




Another  reason midi/maxi denim skirts never truly go out of style is that they serve as a perfect foundation to layer on other trending items. Once you hack the style formula, we might have to put a stop order on how much you will want to wear them. 


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