Try out these 5 stylish poses to amp up your next photoshoot


A photoshoot is hard work, and often time it involves practice, planning, and experimentation for the photographer and the subject. Posing might come naturally to professional models, but for the rest of us, to strike those aesthetically pleasing poses will require some practice in front of a mirror.

Striking the right prose requires you to understand your body proportions and your flattering facial angles. Combining both leads to an Instagram worthy picture. Dont wait until the day of the shoot to get in your practice hours, start with these examples. 

The standing pose

This popular IG pose helps to exaggerate your curves and give the illusion of hips when angled the right way.

Execution: Face the camera with one leg crossing in front of the other and slight forward lean on the hip that you’d like to accentuate. You can keep your hands at your sides, in your pockets, or in front of you.

The handy pose

Hands near the face help to draw the eyes upwards and make the face the focal point. This pose projects confidence, and expresses subtle sexiness.

Execution: Adjust your hand placement to ensure they don’t take the focus off your face with one hand on the hip and the other hand extended out, raised up, or near the face. 

The sitting pose

The sitting pose is simple, yet subtly elegant. It accentuates the body curves and conveys motion and energy. This pose helps you project an elegant outlook by creating a S-shaped curve of the body. 

Execution: Bend one knee slightly and twist the torso to emphasize the lines and curves of the body. This pose can be executed facing straight towards the camera or from a side profile, with an arched back and hips pushed back.

The forward lean


This pose helps showcase the outfit you have on, while giving the glutes some flex time. It creates a silhouette of an extended body.

Execution: Lean against a static surface, and push your stomach forward whilst staring at the camera or into space.

The kneeling pose

This involves kneeling & facing the camera, giving your upper body the limelight. It gives  off sultry yet guarded vibes.

Execution: Kneel facing the camera with your hands extended beside you or touching your hair.

These are some of the common poses for women you can experiment with during your next portrait shoot. Remember to freestyle & essentially enjoy your photoshoot session.


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