There’s more to Will Mondrich in the new season of Bridgerton, and we’re dying to know what it is! 

Martins Imhangbe as Will Mondrich in Bridgerton

Everyone loves a little romance in their lives, which is why we’re all going giddy over the new season of Bridgerton! The new season has been split into two exciting parts (Shonda, never again, please), and one thing we love about this new season is the fresh perspective of other characters’ lives. While the first half of the season builds up to the typical Shonda chaos of the second half, Will Mondrich, played by the charming Martins Imhangbe, is giving us a lot to talk about this season.

The Evolution of Will Mondrich

Season one had us wrapped around its fingers. We had never seen anything more exquisite in film, and Bridgerton served from start to finish. In that season, we were introduced to the immaculate embodiment of honour and loyalty, Will Mondrich. A friend of the duke and powerhouse destined to destroy every single one of his opponents in the boxing ring. Will’s honour was tested, but his loyalty to his wife surmounted all obstacles, leading to him taking a dubious deal with Lord Featherington.

In season two, the Mondrich family took a surprising turn, rising from poverty to respected business owners of The Gentlemen’s Club. A new encounter with Lord Featherington left Will questioning his path to societal respectability. Yet, as always, Alice Mondrich, his wife, worked her magic to maintain his composure. The season concluded with a shocking twist, revealing the Mondrich family’s deep dedication to the Bridgertons and a cunning manoeuvre by Lady Featherington.

In season three, the Mondriches discover they are now distinguished members of the ton and are obliged to act like it and not be part of the working class. However, Will Mondrich is not entirely receptive to the idea that he can’t do whatever he likes anymore. A distinctive shift in the characters of both Will Mondrich and his wife presents the idea that the writers elevated their characters for a big reveal in the second half of the season.

What we love about Will Mondrich

Will Mondrich’s character, though perceived as a background character, has more layers than a chocolate fudge cake. From season one to three (so far), we’ve grown to love his character and the eccentricities that come with it (especially how much he loves Alice). Here are a few more things we love about Will Mondrich.

His unwavering loyalty

Will Mondrich is the epitome of loyalty as a friend and family man. His close friendship with Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, showcases his unwavering support and dedication. Whether in the boxing ring or dealing with personal matters, Will stands by Simon, offering wise counsel and a strong shoulder to lean on. This loyalty extends to his family, where he consistently puts their well-being first.

His strong sense of integrity

Will’s sense of integrity shines through in his actions and decisions. Despite facing numerous challenges, he remains true to his principles. In a world where many are willing to compromise their values for personal gain, Will’s steadfastness is refreshing. He navigates the complexities of his life with honesty and a clear moral compass, earning the respect of those around him.

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His athletic prowess

As a professional boxer, Will Mondrich’s athletic skills are nothing short of impressive. His dedication to the sport is evident in his rigorous training and discipline. Will’s prowess in the boxing ring highlights his physical strength, mental grit, and determination. These qualities make him a formidable opponent and a respected figure in the boxing community.

His compassionate nature

Beneath his tough exterior, Will is deeply compassionate. He genuinely cares for those around him, offering support and empathy when they need it most. This compassionate nature is particularly evident in his interactions with his wife and children, where his love and care are abundantly clear. Will’s kindness and understanding make him a beloved character.

His ambition and drive

Will Mondrich is driven by ambition and the desire to create a better life for his family. His journey in “Bridgerton” reflects his determination to succeed and his willingness to work hard for his dreams. Whether it’s in the boxing ring or through the gentlemen’s club, Will’s ambition propels him forward, showcasing his resilience and resourcefulness.

And the plot thickens…

Season three quite literally shows that there is more to be gotten from the Modrich family, with Will Modrich at the centre of it all. From the steamy bedroom scene to the heroic hot air balloon one, Will Mondrich’s character might build up to something exquisite as the season progresses. One thing we can count on is his loyalty to the Bridgertons. If anything, becoming a distinguished member of the ton is an elevation we never saw coming for the Mondrichs.

You might be wondering what the Mondriches add to the relevance of the Bridgerton story, but what you should be curious about is what Shonda Rhimes is plotting in the second season. Amid the Bridgerton chaos, Will Mondrich somehow centres it all, supporting Bridgerton in all honourable ways possible. We see a shift in his relationship with the Brigerton brothers, and they become a lot more “levelled” in matters of the ton. But what might the future hold for Mr Mondrich? The first half of the season lets us know that Mr & Mrs Mondrich might be the thickener of the Bridgerton stew, and we’re loving the taste of it.

As the new season is up for audience interpretation and everyone’s curiosity triples, we know that there is more Will Mondrichs character, and we’re eager to get more of it. Are you as curious as we are about this character development?


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