5 Whistledown-approved swoon-worthy and steamy scenes from Bridgerton (Season 3, Part 1)

Whistledown would surely have a field day with this! Forget gossip about debutantes and diamond tiaras – today, we’re diving headfirst into the most sizzling moments of Bridgerton Season 3 (so far!).

We’ve compiled the hottest scenes from Part 1 and ranked them on our infamous Bridgerton Spicy Scale. Prepare to blush (and maybe even fan yourself) because things are about to get deliciously steamy!

Episode 1: The Viscount and the Viscountess

Waking to tangled limbs and lingering heat, the newly minted Viscount and Viscountess leave no doubt about the passion that simmered beneath their season of denial. Gone are the stolen glances and whispered frustrations. This morning belongs to uninhibited pleasure.

From the languid kisses that trail down bare shoulders to the gasp-worthy moans elicited by a skilled touch, it’s clear Kate is a woman thoroughly awakened. With her focus now firmly on securing an heir, we can only imagine the future holds a steady stream of steamy encounters. The newlyweds radiate the contented glow of a couple who’ve finally found their rhythm, earning them a well-deserved 9/10 on the Bridgerton Spicy Scale!

Episode 2: Threesomes are Three-cums

Colin Bridgerton, ever the charming rogue, seems to have shed his reputation as a mere flirt. His debut into society this season proves he’s not just all talk. The whispers swirling around town hint at a thrilling encounter, a decadent exploration shared with two willing companions. We see Colin, ever the gentleman, expressing his appreciation with lingering kisses. And with a playful wink, he secures a repeat performance.

While the specifics of their escapades remain tantalizingly veiled, Colin’s newfound confidence and the promise of future rendezvous leave little to the imagination. For this tantalizing glimpse, we award this encounter a respectable 5/10 on the Bridgerton Spicy Scale.

Episode 2: The Will and Alice Mondrich Kiss Scene

Tradition dictates separate bedrooms for married couples in the Ton, but Mr. Mondrich clearly has other plans. He makes a sweet rebellion against societal norms by spending the night in Alice’s chamber. Their stolen intimacy culminates in a heartwarming kiss, a silent promise of a love that transcends stuffy social conventions.

This tender display of defiance earns them a 3/10 on the Bridgerton Spicy Scale, but the potential for future passion is undeniable.

Episode 3: Not-So-Wet Dreams

Colin’s subconscious seems to be a wild stallion tonight! A steamy dream unfolds, filled with passionate kisses exchanged with Penelope. The intensity of his desire and the raw need simmering beneath the surface are undeniable. But can a dream, no matter how vivid, truly earn a spot on the Bridgerton Spicy Scale? You decide!

How would YOU rate it?

Episode 4: Benedict gets Till-ed (pun intended)

The simmering tension between Benedict Bridgerton and the captivating Lady Tilley Arnold finally reaches a boiling point. Gone are the suggestive glances and charged silences of the previous episode – replaced by a passionate entanglement. Their bodies speak volumes, a language far more explicit than any whispered words.

Lady Tilley, a woman who knows her desires and pursues them with unwavering confidence, seems poised to finally claim the pleasures she’s been yearning for. And Benedict, ever the willing participant, appears ready to fulfil her every wish.

Episode 4: P-olin!

Buckle up, Polin fans, because we’re diving into episode four’s glorious payoff! This wasn’t just a kiss; it was a simmering pot that finally boiled over. From their initial spark to Colin’s flustered (and frankly, hilarious) dream sequence, the tension escalated beautifully, making their carriage encounter all the more satisfying.

Let’s just ignore the pesky carriage driver for a moment, shall we? This was a scene we’d all been waiting for with bated breath. Watching Colin struggle to form coherent sentences around Penelope was pure delight, and his eventual confession crackled with raw emotion. Thankfully, Penelope, our resident queen of sass, wasted no time shedding the “friend” label.

The moment Penelope’s touch grazed Colin’s face, a kaleidoscope of yearning, love, and desire flooded his eyes. It was clear – he was utterly captivated. Penelope’s breathless gasps as his hand skimmed beneath her dress were electrifying, and his impulsive proposal sent the scene into overdrive. Honestly, could it get any better?

Bridgerton delivered a masterclass in the “friends to lovers” trope, and Polin earns a solid 8/10! Here’s hoping season two brings a truly uninterrupted, intimate moment to unleash the full force of their undeniable chemistry.

And so, gentle readers…

From swoon-worthy kisses to scandalous dreams, the first half of Bridgerton Season 3 has set our hearts ablaze. With the approval of Whistledown, we’re eagerly binging it all again now that the second part has dropped. As we dive back into the sumptuous world of the Ton, we can’t help but imagine what other tantalizing twists and turns lie ahead. Until then, dear readers, keep your fans at the ready and your hearts open for more Bridgerton delights.


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