Level up your look! 8 protective attachment hairstyles for healthy hair growth

It’s official! Hairstyles are getting more expensive for the average Nigerian woman. But no matter what, women will serve. Let the church say? AMEN! Women are in search of affordable alternatives even with the increased cost of attachments. Marie Claire has been looking too and we’ve compiled a list of 8 attachment hairstyles that are cost-friendly yet, as the kids say, SLAY. 

PS: All of these hairstyles will use just one pack of braiding attachment. (With expert recommendations from my hairstylist.)


Or all-back as it is traditionally called. All the girls have cornrows now and not only is it affordable, it’s also comfortable especially in the heat, and relatively quick to make. Surprisingly, cornrows can be very versatile.

Attachment Hairstyles - Cornrows - Ayra Starr via Instagram
Ayra Starr via Instagram


Still riding on the fundamentals of a cornrow, the plaits of this hairstyle all end in the same centre. It could be front, side, or at the back of the head, but this one is a natural facelift for anyone asking. While it’s popularly called shuku, I am curious to see what many other cultures will call it. 

Attachment Hairstyles - Shuku -  Ada Nwanyi via Pinterest
Ada Nwanyi via Pinterest

Big Short Box braids

While one pack of attachments might limit the complexity of your braids, a little creativity can work wonders! Box braids are all about clean lines, and with a skilled stylist, you’re guaranteed to love the sharp, polished look.

Attachment hairstyles - box braids - Hairstyle Camp via Pinterest
Hairstyle Camp via Pinterest


The 2-step hairstyle is simple and playful and adds a bit of volume to the head. There are a number of ways to create 2-step braids, some side-facing, some with a center part, and others facing away from each other—this last one is popularly called the Fulani braids hairstyle. 

This image features a woman with a stylish "2 Step" attachment hairstyle. The hair is intricately braided close to the scalp, leading to medium-length braids adorned with a variety of beads in silver, black, and white. The overall look is both fashionable and refined, making it an excellent choice for those seeking unique and elegant attachment hairstyles
Carina via Pinterest


Feeling like your hair needs a refresh? Pull back those strands and embrace the power of the ponytail! It’s like an instant facelift, just like the classic Shuku. You can even spice it up with a little secret: some ponytails rock a hidden braid woven into the base for added texture. But the best part? This timeless style is as easy as one-two-three to create!

This image features Beyoncé with a high ponytail attachment hairstyle. The long, thick braid extends down her back, creating a sleek and sophisticated look, perfect for a bold and stylish appearance.
Beyonce via Pinterest

Lemonade braids

Alicia Keys may have made this hairstyle popular in the early 2000s, and just like all other Y2K trends, it’s back with a bang. This hairstyle is simply cornrows to the side of the hair. It’s the extra attitude you need for the season, and the best part is you’ll have nothing bothering the nape of your neck. A win if you ask me. 

This image features a woman with a beautiful "lemonade braids" attachment hairstyle. Her hair is styled in thin, intricate braids that are swept to one side, creating a stylish and edgy look. This attachment hairstyle is both fashionable and versatile, perfect for making a bold statement.
Angel Marie via Pinterest

The baldie braids

Popularized by American hair stylist Tookie, everyone and their mama is talking about this one for a good reason, too. It’s fascinating how a single braid could run through the entire scalp in random loops and shapes. Adding to the uniqueness of this style, it is completely off the neck and the face and mimics a haircut, hence the name. If you want a taste of being bald or a taste of the trendy, then you should hop on this one. 


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I’d like to speak with whoever named some of these hairstyles because babyface…? You may not magically look like a baby, but this versatile half-braid-half-cornrow hairstyle will make for an interesting twist. The styling options are almost unlimited, and with a little hair accessorizing, like beads, curls, and pins, you are sure to have fun.

This image features a woman with a "babyface" attachment hairstyle. Her hair is styled in neat, medium-sized braids that frame her face elegantly. The braids are intricately patterned and styled to fall just above the shoulders, creating a refined and sophisticated look. This attachment hairstyle is perfect for those seeking a chic and polished appearance.
Alan Kabir via Pinterest

Now you’ve got the tools and inspiration to embrace your beautiful crown! Whether you choose sleek braids, bouncy curls, or a bold braided updo, remember – there are no limits to your beauty with attachment hairstyles. So go forth and slay, queen!


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