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Here at Marie Claire Nigeria, the team has been in holly, jolly spirit. From our mix of delightful articles on holiday drinks and treats, a style guide, and an extensive gift guide to the team getting into a Secret Santa game, thanks to our delightful HR. Now, we get to share our Christmas wishlist!

We found some pretty amazing gift ideas through Secret Santa (hey, don’t tell HR I took a sneak peek at everyone’s list) and thought it would be fun to give our readers an exclusive look into the different personalities of our team members. Keep reading, and you might find some inspiration for your holiday shopping or to treat yourself to a well-deserved gift! Here’s everything the MCN have on their Christmas wishlist:

Chidera, Editor-in-Chief

Christmas wishlist- Marie Claire Nigeria
Blue Checkered Dress via Kadiju

“The Blue Checkered Dress from Kadiju’s 006 Collection has caught my eye as my ideal Christmas dress. It was love at first sight when I spotted it on the Lagos FW runway. It is the perfect outfit for celebrating with loved ones and as an opportunity to capture amazing pictures. What excites me even more is contemplating how I’ll restyle this gem. On a different note, the Samsung Freestyle Projector I discovered through a Google search has piqued my interest as the ideal addition to my living space. Oddly, I prefer projectors to TVs, and I envision it becoming a fixture in my living room. To kick off the holidays, I plan to host a Harry Potter movie marathon with a few of my favourite people on Christmas Eve.” – Chidera, Editor-in-Chief

Coco, Content Editor 

Christmas wishlist- Marie Claire Nigeria
Image: Jewelrybyori via Instagram

“First on my list are Fantasmut Books. They help me escape from everyday life, especially as a woman with a serious job in a world where men often have more power. To kick off my reading sessions, I’ve envisioned a cosy nook adorned with a comfy blanket, a cup of tea, and soft lighting. Next, Gemstone Jewellery. They hold a special place on my wishlist, as I’m drawn to the energy emitted by birthstones. My style is minimal, so these are the perfect versatile pieces to pair with everything effortlessly, and occasionally layer with other necklaces. 

The Pixel 7a has caught my eye for its reputed picture quality, so it’s here on my wishlist. 

For indulgence, I would love 5 bottles of Whiley Neil in different flavours – because who doesn’t enjoy a bit of luxury? While I’d like to open a bottle on the last workday of the year, reality might see me gathering friends in my living room for a laughter-filled weekend instead. Lastly, adult colouring books cater to my inner 25-year-old teenager in a 30+ body. Though uncertain about the images, I’ll likely opt for pastel colours to bring these whimsical creations to life.” – Coco, Content Editor

Chiamaka, Features Editor

Adire set- Christmas wishlists
Issy Pant Set via Melia by Jade

“Despite my claim of not being materialistic, my current phone has become problematic, and I can’t deny my desire for an iPhone 12 mini or a higher version in the colours pale green or lilac. I’ll also take it in dark blue or red if the preferred choices are unavailable. Moving to fashion, I have my eyes set on Adire attire, including jumpsuits, dresses, and two pieces. I love how they are styled creatively, and Adire pieces offer a trendy yet authentic African look that I find irresistible. I’ll pair them with some statement jewellery; although my current jewellery collection comprises mostly simple choices, I feel it’s time to switch it up. That’s another thing on my Christmas wishlist – statement jewellery.” – Chiamaka, Features Editor

Wumi, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Mach & mach sandals
Mach & Mach Le Cadeau bow-detail satin sandals via Level shoes

“I am all about enhancing my style with key fashion and beauty pieces this season. First on my wishlist is a pixie curls wig – an easy-to-wear addition to my growing wig collection. It requires minimal styling, which is perfect for this lazy babe. 

Next is a pair of loafers, as I transition from heels to more comfortable flats. I adore the classic and versatile styling options loafers offer. I’m also planning my wedding, so the Mach & Mach Cadeau Satin Bow Ankle-Strap Sandals will be the perfect pair for my Civil ceremony. It also has a medium heel length that’s perfect for moving around. Finally, the Carla dress from Zephans and Co. made the list mostly because I love the frills. It is a flirty and fun dress that does well in defining the curves. It’s party season, and the dress fits perfectly with my holiday style.” – Wumi, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Moss, Video Editor

Wishlist- gift guide for men
Playstation via Pinterest

“I’ve got a lineup of indulgences on my Christmas wishlist. At the top is the PlayStation 5 because I deserve shiny new things. I envision joyful gaming sessions with my game of choice – God of War Ragnarok. Next up, a great collection of clothes, including rare pieces and vintage finds, because I love to keep my style fresh and versatile. A special thing on this list is a ticket and visa for an all-expense-paid two-week vacation to Tokyo. This is driven by the belief that a well-rested Video director/editor is a motivated and inspired one. Finally, because I need to satisfy my December food cravings, a 400k coupon for my favourite junk food – a cheesy beef burger with loaded fries from Wrap City. Not to focus on vanity only, a paid pottery class would also be nice because I want to engage in something artsy and creative during the holiday season.” – Moss, Video Editor

Denise, Social Media Manager and Editor 

Avoir Jewellery- Marie Claire Nigeria
Avoir Jewellery via Instagram

“On my Christmas wishlist this year is a mini cauldron from Acire Mystical—a perfect companion for burning Frankincense, Dragon’s Blood, and Myrrh resins. Its cast iron construction ensures a prolonged, even burn, creating a serene atmosphere for unwinding after a challenging day. Picture this: oiling your skin before bed enveloped in the soothing tunes of NAO, Hozier, Sade, or Amber Mark playing softly in the background.

Next up, a Pink champagne-scented candle from Déké Living would be a delightful addition to my evening routine. Fueled by a love for crystals, enchanting scents, and things that flicker, this candle is destined for my night-time wind-down. Imagine the cosy ambience as it accompanies my evening shower and ushers in the sense of tranquillity.

Lastly, jewellery from Àvoir Jewelry takes a coveted spot on my list. I have an undeniable affection for quirky, non-conventional pieces, especially in gold tones complimenting my radiant undertones. Àvoir’s unique and high-quality designs align perfectly with my comfortable embrace of eccentricity, celebrating the beauty that makes me uniquely me.” – Denise, Social Media Editor

Ugochi, Sales and Business Development Executive

Christmas wishlist- Marie Claire Nigeria
Gbemi Space Saver via Taeillo

“This season, I’m eyeing some essential furniture pieces for a home workstation, including the Taeillo Gbemi Space Saver and an office chair with lumbar support. The need for a dedicated work area is two-fold – for enhanced productivity and to address the severe backache that’s been plaguing me. In addition to a home workstation, I find myself yearning for a 2014 or 2016 Toyota Rav4. This stems from the constant financial drain caused by our beloved cabs and the frequent flooding in my Lekki residence. An SUV would undoubtedly solve this challenge, and, of course, foreign currency cash gifts would be a welcomed addition!” – Ugochi, Sales and Business Development Executive

Omotola, Fashion and Beauty Writer

Christmas wishlists- Marie Claire Nigeria
3ft_furniture via Instagram

“A vintage record player and records top my Christmas wishlist because owning one just seems so cool. I’m eager to spin something from my childhood, maybe a Whitney Houston album, or I might dive straight into Olivia Rodrigo’s new album, Guts, which has been on repeat. I’m also curious about the difference in music quality between a record and a streaming app. Next on the list is an S23 Plus, because I need a new phone. I look forward to customising it to my taste. Fully paid lawn tennis lessons are also on the wishlist. 

Although I’m not the sporty type, I’ve always wanted to learn a sport, and lawn tennis seems the perfect choice. My wishlist can’t be complete without clothes and accessories. A classic skirt suit from Emmy Kasbit, preferably the Ngozi or Isioma set, would be great. When it comes to shoes, my priority is building a collection of sneaker classics like the Adidas Samba and New Balance 990, I’d like to get one of those. And, because I live for aesthetics, a bunch of cute stuff would round off my list – posters, animal plushies, cute phone grips, keyholders, totes, crates, stamps, stickers, and more!” – Omotola, Fashion and Beauty Writer

Grace, Lifestyle and Culture Writer

Christmas wishlist- Marie Claire Nigeria
Dr martens via Lyst

“For my Christmas wishlist, I’ve got my eyes set on a pair of Dr. Martens – because why not? Once I get it, I’ll style it with a midi skirt and tank top. I’m also dreaming of fully paid driving lessons because the constant reliance on public transport has left me yearning for the freedom of the open road. However, I fear I might become a rough driver, taking after my dad because my patience is smaller than a mustard seed. If I get it, you should brace yourselves for some speedy chaos on the roads, with caution of course” – Grace, Lifestyle and Culture Writer

Shola, Human Resource Manager

Apple AirPods- gift guide for Christmas
Apple Airpods via Urban Outfitters

“First, AirPods – I have no preference for the latest version, but I definitely need a pair. I cannot wait to listen to “Second Chance” by Shine Down, on the highest volume with the Airpods. I would also love to experience a hot stone massage spa day. Given my penchant for hot showers, I believe the hot stone massage will work wonders on my tension areas. Then a wavy long hair from Fame Lustre because why not? I adore wearing different hairstyles, and this one might just inspire me to embrace a chilled, low-key holiday. A weekend staycation at a beach house, farm resort, or perhaps an Airbnb will also be great. I need some time off to sleep, swim, and lounge around in ultimate leisure. Finally, I would simply like some time to sleep – because who wouldn’t appreciate some extra rest during the festive season?” – Shola, Human Resource Manager

Praise, Editorial Intern 

Christmas wishlist- Marie Claire NIgeria
Open Water via Good Reads

My wishlist comprises simple delights, starting with a cute white woven slipper that promises comfort and charm. On the literary front, “Open Water” by Caleb Azumah has piqued my interest. I’m drawn in by its promising synopsis and the favourable reviews of fellow book enthusiasts. Tying it all together, a silver necklace with a dainty small heart pendant would be a perfect addition to my jewellery collection – no grandiosity, just a touch of elegance for everyday wear. – Praise, Editorial Intern

What’s on your Christmas wishlist? Does your company have any Christmas events planned? Share with us!


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