Super Eagles shine on the field and on the fashion runway!

While the Super Eagles earned a silver at AFCON, they won fashion gold, turning heads with their style off the field. Despite not winning the tournament, their flair and Gucci elegance marked them as fashion icons, seamlessly merging the worlds of football and style.

As we applaud the Super Eagles for their second-place finish at AFCON, let’s also toast to their unmatched style, earning them the fashion gold. Who needs a trophy when your wardrobe is already top-tier? Cheers to our football heroes, not just for their silver on the field but for being undeniable trendsetters off it.

Victor Osimhen: Napoli’s dapper forward

At the AIC Soccer Gala, Victor Osimhen, Napoli’s standout striker, dazzled in an ‘Air Victor Tuxedo’ by Emanuele Borrelli Bespoke. This bespoke suit, named for Osimhen, showcased his flair for both goals and fashion. On the red carpet, his elegance and achievements in soccer won him significant recognition, solidifying his status as a fashion icon and a footballing talent.

Alexander Iwobi: Gucci game strong

Super Eagles - Alex Iwobi

Alexander Iwobi’s style game is as strong as his football skills, especially when he steps out in his Gucci attire. From rocking an all-black look with a sleek turtleneck and custom accessories to making a statement with a logo-printed bucket hat and coordinated outfit, Iwobi knows how to capture attention off the pitch. His fashion sense earns him major style points, showcasing his influence extends far beyond football, making a significant mark in the fashion world.

Ola Aina: Nottingham Forest’s fashion-forward fullback

Super Eagles - Ola Aina

British-Nigerian footballer Ola Aina shines at Nottingham Forest, adding sophistication to the Super Eagles’ style lineup. Aina’s flair isn’t confined to the pitch; his fashion sense is equally compelling. Clad in a black Loewe shirt, Louis Vuitton jacket, and LV skates, he blends luxury with athletic elegance. His look is elevated by custom diamond bracelets, two diamond necklaces, and a Rolex Datejust watch. Beyond defending, Aina is setting trends, proving that his impact transcends football, and leading the charge in redefining athletes’ style narratives.

Kenneth Omeruo: Super Eagles’ style maverick

Super Eagles - Kenneth Omeruo


Kenneth Omeruo stands as a dual force for the Super Eagles, celebrated for his football talent and distinct fashion sense. His style, characterized by bold, unapologetic choices and ever-changing hair colours, showcases his unique personality. From vibrant Amiri T-shirts paired with black jeans and Air Jordans to minimalist jewellery, Omeruo perfectly balances boldness with elegance, making a statement both on and off the pitch.


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