Ozinna Anumudu is empowering women to make sustainable fashion choices in The Look

Ozinna Anumudu, a trailblazing entrepreneur, has journeyed from Lagos to the global fashion capitals, establishing herself as a beacon of innovation and style. As the founder of Ozinna.com and the creative force behind TSC Agency Nigeria, Ozinna’s multifaceted talent is phenomenal. In this episode of The Look, she takes us on her sustainable styling journey. 

Her passion for self-expression and style, ignited by her mother’s glamorous fashion choices, gained momentum when she moved to Paris at 16. Yet, Ozinna’s influence extends beyond her impeccable style. She has a remarkable talent for curating outfits, empowering women, inspiring confidence, and promoting African fashion. Her journey as a fashion curator and entrepreneur began unexpectedly in 2014 with strangers approached her at an NYSC camp to praise her fashion choices. 

Ozinna Anumudu- The Fashion Connector

Recognising a potential market demand, Ozinna saw the need to connect women with African fashion brands, leading to the birth of Ozinna.com in December 2016. A platform reflecting her style and a testament to her unwavering commitment to making women feel confident, empowered, and authentic through their fashion choices.  

“The process of curating products comes naturally to me, but I’ve realised that what I think is effortless is not to another woman. It has evolved past my style. I am intentional about picking clothes that make people feel confident and special and give value.”

As a sustainable-conscious shopper, Ozinna’s fashion journey promotes shopping from her wardrobe, as she calls it. On her Instagram feed and in our highlighted top looks, she masterfully restyles a yellow Mini Jodie Bottega Veneta bag to suit different outfits.

Ozinna’s sustainable fashion choices

About this artful skill, Ozinna has an eye for unique vintage pieces. These clothes and accessories add a touch of exemplary nostalgia to her looks to project a timeless style. One is the YSL gold necklace she pairs with one of the restyled outfits from #TheLook. Similarly, her YSL jacket in look 3 below is an excellent retro find from her mum’s wardrobe. Polished style passed through generations? Count us in!

Ozinna also greatly champions sustainable African brands that share her eco-conscious values. You will find her in pieces from Dye Lab, Haraya, Chikito, and sustainable accessory brands like MOT and Bijou. Ozinna aligns her fashion choices with a commitment to ethical practices, proving that one can be chic and eco-friendly. 

In this episode of MCN’s The Look, Ozinna showcases her styling prowess with an ensemble she pulled from her wardrobe as a wedding guest. 

She expertly transforms this outfit into several stunning variations in this episode, maximising its versatility. To gain insight into Ozinna’s distinctive style, here are a few of our beloved looks from her.

Our Favorite Looks of Ozinna

Ozinna Anumudu- The Look
In a dress from Sama Woman. (Image credit: Ozinna Anumudu)

A trendy and timeless look, the frills on this royal purple maxi dress from Sama Woman create a sophisticated take on elegance.

The Look episode 3
In lace set from Shop FSS. (Image credit: Ozinna Anumudu)

Ozinna says, ‘Summer’s not over till I say so,’ and we agree. This breezy lace coord from Shop FSS with a monogrammed tote t is the perfect airy look.

The Look episode 3
In YSL vintage jacket, Shop FSS skirt, Gucci shoes. (Image credit: Ozinna Anumudu)

This sophisticated gold ensemble makes a case for the timeless appeal of midi skirts. From her Shop FSS midi skirt paired with a YSL vintage jacket and gold accessories, it’s safe to say Ozinna is a fashion golden girl.

The Look episode 3
In coord set from Mobos Fashion. (Image credit: Ozinna Anumudu)

Black is always the new black. Our girl proves that black is a stunning colour in this monochrome ensemble from Mobos Fashion. We love a good oversized silhouette, especially when done right.

Ozinna Anumudu- The Look
In blazer set from Chikito

You’ll understand why we love this look when you watch her episode of The Look. This striped multi-coloured set from Chikito is a welcome breathtaking pop of colour and, in true Ozinna style, a hit on Ozinna.com.


Ozinna Anumudu- The Look
In The Look from Sama Woman. (Image credit: Ozinna Anumudu)

Ozinna loves an excellent and versatile statement outfit. It’s no wonder she chose this as #TheLook. Watch her episode and let us know your thoughts!


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