The Look with Olivia Arukwe: Engineering a Bold Fashion Journey

Bold and sophisticated silhouettes are what we know Olivia Arukwe for. Since childhood, she has carried a deep-rooted passion for fashion, and even after pursuing engineering studies, she managed to rediscover her path in the fashion world. Eventually, she embraced this passion by pursuing another degree in fashion marketing while running her fashion business.

“Studying fashion marketing in Paris greatly impacted my life because it opened my eyes to the importance of fashion and advertising. It elevated my fashion marketing expertise and helped shape my idea of making content recognisable to who I am as a fashion influencer,” Olivia testified. It also shaped her research and entrepreneurial skills as a fashion designer.

In 2019, Olivia started creating content, and over the years, her style evolved, becoming more structured, edgy and sophisticated yet playful. This evolution paved the way for her establishing her eponymous brand for women daring and courageous enough to step outside the box. 

“Owning my brand in Nigeria has taught me so much more. It has shaped me, broken me, and taught me the skill set of pushing the boundaries, management skills, and marketing skills to connect with my target market.”

As a fashion creative, Olivia works patiently and intentionally, ensuring she doesn’t compromise her uniqueness by mimicking others. She’d extend this guidance to anyone aspiring to forge a career like hers. “Your skill has to go beyond outfit posts, and collaboration with brands will always come; just keep doing it cos you love it and don’t make it your only source of income.”

For our second episode of MCN’s The Look, Olivia shares one of her favourite outfits, a look she wore to the YSL beauty Lagos event. She codesigned this look alongside menswear designer Samuel Cray and shared its inspiration and how it came to life. Olivia re-styles the outfit in other fabulous ways to maximise The Look.

To catch a glimpse of Olivia’s one-of-a-kind style, here are a few of our favourite looks she’s rocked.

Best looks from Olivia Arukwe

Look 1

Olivia Arukwe - Look 1

Sporting an outfit from her brand, Olivia effortlessly owns this warm, brown ensemble. The flowing silhouette and alluring low-cut back make this look an absolute show-stopper.

Look 2

Olivia Arukwe - Look 2

 Simple doesn’t mean any less exciting. A true fashionista, Olivia pairs these gorgeous Lowe Pants and Zara shirt from Ywandelag, keeping it chic with black heels and a Chanel bag. 

Look 3

Olivia Arukwe - Look 3

Standing out like a piece of art in a room filled with masterpieces, Olivia shines in the fluid Wannifuga Ally set. Teamed with gold earrings and a mini bag, this look is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Look 4

Olivia Aruke - Look 4

Olivia is not a stranger to a perfect high street and Nigerian brand pairing. The voluminous cut of the Chloe pant from Aprildust paired with this red Zara top is what we mean when we say, “Wear the look, don’t let it wear you”.

Look 5

Olivia Arukwe - Look 5

Olivia Arukwe appeared in a custom Khavhia woman outfit at the Barbie world premiere in Lagos. She wore a bright pink puff blouse paired with sheer leggings featuring a heart print, giving the perfect doll look suited to the event.

Bonus – The Look 

MCN The Look - Olivia Arukwe

This ensemble embodies sophistication and power, demonstrating why Olivia chose it for The Look. 

Now, give it a watch and share your thoughts with us!


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