Funmi Iyanda shines as the inspiration behind VICNATE’s captivating SISI GIRL Collection N°6!

Funmi Iyanda x Vicnate

VICNATE reveals the captivating campaign shoot for its SISI GIRL Collection N°6. This timeless collection pays homage to the spirit of Southern Nigerian women who courageously challenge traditional expectations.

Funmi Iyanda collaborates with Nigerian designer VICNATE

Funmi Iyanda as the muse

Funmi Iyanda, a distinguished style icon and one of Nigeria’s most charismatic media entrepreneurs, stands at the forefront of this celebration. Popularly known for her work as the host of the popular talk show “New Dawn with Funmi,” which aired on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for years, Funmi Iyanda has had some of the most insightful media conversations with notable personalities in the country.

With a multifaceted career as a media personality, broadcaster, journalist, and philanthropist, Funmi Iyanda inspires Nigerian society. The SISI GIRL N°6 campaign shoot, featuring Iyanda as the muse, initiates a profound conversation about timeless sophistication, beauty, and the importance of documentation.

Funmi Iyanda in VICNATE campaign

The SISI GIRL collection N°6

The collection, launched at the Alara Lagos concept store on September 30th, 2023, symbolises a departure from societal norms. It “celebrates women who have embraced their flaws and idiosyncrasies, no longer seeking external validation”, the brand says. This pivotal moment reflects a shift where women cease living for others, centering their desires and aspirations foremost. The transformative change is evident in the collection’s design philosophy and the choice of Funmi Iyanda as its muse.

Funmi Iyanda’s association with VICNATE extends beyond being a face for the campaign. As a fashion enthusiast and advocate for self-expression, Iyanda embodies the ethos of the SISI GIRL N°6 collection. Her influential career and commitment to societal issues align seamlessly with the brand’s vision of celebrating women who have come into their own. In an Instagram post, Funmi Iyanda says of the collaboration, “This team of stunning minds was a pleasure to work with.”

Funmi Iyanda as VICNATE muse

The SISI GIRL campaign with Funmi Iyanda

The campaign shoot was released on Friday, January 12th, 2024, showcasing Funmi in various VICNATE designs. These pieces are meticulously styled to amplify her elegance and poise. With hair in traditional cornrows and threads framing her face, Iyanda radiates confidence in powerful poses against a plain background. The intentionality of blurred images and striking close-ups adds depth to the timeless allure captured in each frame.

VICNATE describes this collaboration as celebrating “the lost art of portraiture and the intentionality of self-documentation.” Funmi Iyanda, as the muse, attests to the timeless beauty, confidence, and refinement embodied by women who are unapologetically themselves. 

More images of Funmi Iyanda

Funmi Iyanda as VICNATE SISI GIRL muse
Blurry images from the VICNATE campaign shoot

Photo credits- Morgan Otagburuagu

Hair styling- 25thfairyhair



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